A Tamil Nadu man builds robot to buy liquor for him

▴ A Tamil Nadu man builds robot to buy liquor for him

Karthik Velayutham, an innovator from Coimbatore, has built this robot which would stand in long queues and buy liquor for him. Karthik built this machine in two days and at a cost of Rs 3,000.

A four-wheeler machine was standing in a queue with other citizens in Coimbatore to buy liquor for its creator, Karthik Velayutham and spread awareness on social distancing to keep coronavirus at bay.
"This is an awareness campaign to make people understand the need for social distancing in this time of a pandemic," Karthik said.
He built the machine in two days and under a budget of 3,000 rupees. 
"By using this Robo, you can maintain social distancing. It can provide services in hospitals where doctors and nurses can use this to dispatch medicines without personally interacting with the patients."

"The Robo can be used from anywhere in the world using the internet. All you need to do is enter the login details," Karthik added.

The Robo is currently being operated through an android phone. It has video and call facilities that Karthik uses to interact with other people.
The Robo at present can carry up to 30 kg of weight, and it has a backup power of six to seven hours. Karthik can interact with the shopkeeper using the video facility provided in the Robo. The shopkeeper hands the essentials to the robot and payment is made online.
Meanwhile, the COVID-19 tally in Tamil Nadu rose to 10,000 after 434 new cases were reported in 24 hrs. In India, the no. of cases has crossed the 85,000 mark and the death toll is at 2,752. Maharashtra recorded 49 fatalities on Friday.

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