ABCDE Benefits of saffron

The most expensive spice in the world ie saffron has countless health benefits. Take a look at some of them.

Saffron has numerous health benefits. Apart from this, many other medicinal elements are also found which are helpful in keeping our body completely healthy. Saffron is considered one of the most expensive spices in the world. It is widely used in milk and milk preparations. It has got medicinal properties that keep you away from many dangerous diseases.

Saffron for Arthritis – Saffron can be used to get rid of the problem of arthritis. The crocetin found in it helps in reducing inflammation of the body. Apart from consuming saffron, make a paste of its leaves and apply it to joints.

Saffron for Brain – Saffron boosts the functioning of the brain, Saffron is effective in curing memory impairment and learning. According to research, consuming saffron during the day can show improvement in Alzheimer’s patients. Ethanolic extracts and crocin found in saffron can also be used as a substitute for antidepressants.

Saffron for Cancer – Saffron is good for cancer prevention, Saffron has properties like crocin colorectal that stop cancer cells from growing. Consumption of saffron has the greatest effect on prostate and skin cancer.

Saffron for Digestion – Saffron helps in keeping the digestive system fit. Saffron has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which aid in keeping the digestive system fit.

Saffron for Eye health – Saffron is good for eye health, saffron has a natural compound that helps retinal degeneration and vision loss. It has the quality to strengthen the capillary networks and visual response. Saffron supplements are beneficial in improving macular thickness. It has also been found to cure and prevent photoreceptor damage.

Saffron for skin – It is extensively used in face packs to lighten the complexion. It has got numerous beauty benefits.

Eases menstrual pain – Saffron plant is used in regulating and promoting menstrual periods. It helps in managing PMS symptoms like craving, pain, anxiety, and headaches.

Heart health – Saffron reduces the level of bad cholesterol, thus lowering the risk for hypertension. The content present in saffron helps in protecting cardiovascular health, thus preventing heart diseases.

Consumable quantity - Saffron can be consumed 1-3 gm daily. Consuming more than this increases the risk of many serious diseases.

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