Accurate and Quicker Radiology diagnosis with Endimension

With only 10,000 radiologists for 1.3 billion Indians, it is important to bridge this gap to ensure millions of Indians get access to early diagnosis and prevent life-threatening diseases. Learn how Endimension is trying to bridge this gap.

The World Health Organization recognises that occupational burnout intensifies the problem of limited healthcare professionals. This is especially true for radiologists. Radiology is fundamental in diagnosing life-threatening diseases. Yet there are only 10,000 radiologists for 1.3 billion Indians. In India, radiology is the most used tool for diagnosis.

To bridge this gap between radiologists available in India and radiology diagnosis needed, Bharadwaj Kss along with co-founders Apparao MLV and Kurien Zacharia launched Endimension Technology. Bharadwaj, the founder is himself an alumnus of IIT Bombay and IIT Madras. He has over a decade of experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The team combined has relevant experience of over 3 decades.

The trio came up with an AI-led solution that helps reduce patient misdiagnosis and make diagnosis more accessible and affordable for even rural Indians who only have 20% of India’s radiologists. Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnata, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have 80% of all radiologists. Making states like Uttar Pradesh have less than 200 radiologists.

The venture also helps in the early detection of numerous diseases and improves patient turnaround time. Their tool ENDIM-AI-CXR helped detect COVID-19 from chest radiographs. The startup's salient features are its AI-based abnormality detection tool. It can save millions of lives and at the same time reduce the burden on radiologists. 

The Mumbai-based startup was incubated at IIT Bombay. The startup was selected for NVIDIA AI Inception Program and was a part of ‘Microsoft for Startups’ Community. Their clientele includes  Sine Business Incubators, Nvidia, Microsoft, TATA Medical Centre, Swissnex India, TIE Mumbai, Sidbi, IIM-Ahmedabad among others.

Last year, the startup raised Rs 2.3 crore in its seed funding round from Inflection Point Ventures. The funds will be used to acquire talent for the team, including the sales team and put the rest of the funds for further research and development. 

The global demand for radiology is drastically increasing with a CAGR of 50.2% whereas the number of radiologists is only increasing sluggishly. The AI medical diagnosis market is estimated to reach $3800 million in 2025 from $500 million in 2020. Will Endimension be able to bridge the gap where 4 billion people globally have no access to imaging solutions?

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