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AFMS and IIT Hyderabad Join Forces to Revolutionize Military Healthcare

This Partnership will not only improve the health and well-being of soldiers but also enhance the overall readiness of the military forces....
Jun 29

The largest student entrepreneurship summit in India, hosted in Hyderabad concluded

Accomplished business leaders from across the globe, such as Phanindra Sama, Founder of redBus, Murali Bukkapatnam, Global Vice Chairman of TiE Global Board of Trustees, ...
Jun 27

Mobile-health Network Solutions [MaNaDr] to Offer GLP-1 Injectables for Medical Weight Loss from USD10/Day

Many weight management solutions available today ultimately fail – partly because patients do not receive the help they need, when they need it....
Jun 20

Japan Battles Surge in Deadly Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome Cases

The unprecedented rise in STSS cases in Japan is a serious public health concern. With a high mortality rate and the potential for severe complications, ...
Jun 20

FTCCI announced its Annual Excellence Awards and invites entries, last date is 20th June 2024

New Categories added this year are Digital Transformation by Enterprises and ESG performance - to go along the sustainable development goals of the existing categories...
Jun 13

Software Engineering Research Centre (SERC) at IIIT H to host 21st Edition of IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA) 2024

This will be an excellent opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences, network with peers, and collaborate on advancing the field ...
Jun 03

Software Engineering Research Centre (SERC) at IIIT H to host 21st Edition of IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA) 2024

This will be an excellent opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences, network with peers, and collaborate on advancing the field ...
May 31

University of Manchester marks 200 Years with Alumni Meet in Mumbai

The event celebrated the University’s commitment to fostering India-UK relationships through student mobility....
May 22

IIITH Announces Product Management Summer School

4-week IIITH Product Management Summer School jointly with PLF and Hysea For product managers, dev managers/architects, aspiring product managers, and startup founders. Organized ...
May 16

Harnessing AI for Early Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis: IIT Indore's Breakthrough

The research from IIT Indore, with its focus on early and accurate diagnosis using AI, represents a significant step forward in the fight against this ...
May 06

Nearly a third of the constituencies have zero women candidates in Phase 1 and 2 of LS Elections; reveals The Quantum Hub’s Factsheet

Apr 16

India’s First Indigenous CAR T-Cell Therapy Launched By President Droupadi Murmu: A New Hope in Cancer Treatment

The development of NexCAR19 showcases India’s prowess in scientific research and genetic engineering, contributing to the global landscape of cell and gene therapy....
Apr 12

Decoding the Surge: IIT Madras Study Reveals Sharp Increase in C-Section Births

The researchers noted that women with higher levels of education residing in urban areas exhibited a higher likelihood of opting for C-sections....
Apr 02

Driving Digital Transformation: UNICEF India's Innovative Healthcare Education Program

By fostering collaboration and innovation, the course aims to empower healthcare professionals to drive meaningful change in India’s healthcare landscape....
Apr 01

FTCCI Launches Industry-Academia Connect to improve the employability of Engineering Graduates and address the growing demand for Talent in Emerging Tech

Prof UB Desai appealed to industry experts to become “Professor of Practice” to take real-world practices and experiences into the classrooms and also augment ...
Mar 27

Invisible Scars Foundation Hosts Disruptive Domestic Violence Stakeholder’s Summit (First Edition) in Telangana

The outcomes and key recommendations from the expert consultations were meticulously documented in a comprehensive white paper to be submitted to the Telangana Ministry of ...
Mar 23

Unsung hero, Chindu Yakshaganam theatre artist, Padma Shri Gaddam Sammaiah graced the 17th Annual Day of Anurag University

Anurag University is making fast strides in research-based education—established a DST Funded Laboratory, and several research centres, got many grants for research from ...
Mar 18

IIIT Hyderabad’s Annual R&D Showcase begins

Themed around INTERCONNECT - Algorithms, Ethics, and Society. Over 300 posters, demos and models from 28 research centres. Panel discussion on Right to Know Your Algorithms ...
Mar 16

Endurance test of 47 all-terrain off-road electric buggies built by engineering students as part of their out-of-classroom learning held

Telangana was one of the first states to announce an e-mobility policy aimed at attracting Rs 32000 crore investments and creating 1.2 lakh ...
Mar 09

A unique event called ‘BAJA SAE India 2024, which is the competition of design and fabrication of a single-seater all-terrain off-road electric buggy is underway

70 buggies each costing anywhere in the range of INR 4 to 12 lakh were built and are under inspection for the final endurance race ...
Mar 07

A unique event called ‘BAJA SAEIndia 2024 kicked off

The 70 participating engineering college teams from across India are showcasing their All-Terrain electric buggies. The event comes for the first time to South ...
Mar 06

City’s BVRIT will be host to a unique event called ‘BAJA SAEIndia 2024

The 70 participating engineering college teams from across India will showcase their All-Terrain electric buggy. The event comes first time to South India, to ...
Mar 05

IIIT Hyderabad receives grant from Qualcomm to fund and support Edge AI Research

Leendert van Doorn , Senior VP of Qualcomm Technologies Inc inaugurated the Qualcomm Edge AI lab. Qualcomm Edge AI lab will work on algorithms for the ...
Mar 01

Wearable Tech in the Bedroom: Introducing Loop, MyMuse’s Vibrating Ring Massager for Men

With the sexual wellness revolution underway, MyMuse is proud to lead the charge. We’ve always believed that technology has improved our lives in every ...
Feb 28

iHub-Data at IT-Hyderabad announces collaborative initiative with technical institutions for AI/ML training programs

IIIT Hyderabad is renowned for its leadership in quality research programs focused on Machine Learning. Currently standing as India's #1 institute for AI/ML ...
Feb 20

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