All about Gluten Intolerance

“Some individuals show an adverse reaction to wheat and other cereals. This is because they may have an intolerance to gluten or another component”

Gluten is a protein present in cereals like wheat, barley, rye. Gluten intolerance can have similar symptoms to celiac disease or wheat allergy. People having celiac disease or wheat allergy should avoid products that contain gluten, as consuming them can have severe complications. Celiac disease can be due to some environmental factors as per evidence of studies. However, experts are unsure of what causes gluten intolerance and how it relates.

Individuals having gluten intolerance may develop symptoms like tiredness, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, headache, muscle pain, skin rash. These symptoms can be due to other condition, thus it has to be diagnosed.

Wheat allergy and Gluten intolerance

Wheat allergy may cause serious issues. If anyone having a wheat allergy and mistakenly eats wheat, then they require immediate medical attention. A person may develop swelling, hives, breathing difficulties. In severe conditions, anaphylaxis may develop. This may decrease BP, a person may become unconscious. Intolerance is not that much serious when compared to allergy. This may affect person's overall health.

Glutens are proteins that enable cereals to absorb water. They stick together, remain viscous and elastic. We have to avoid food such as bread, cookies, pasta, soups. Individuals can eat fruits and vegetables, pulses and rice, oats, potatoes. Individuals having gluten intolerance should check the food label carefully before buying.

Diagnosis – If any individual is having health issues after consuming gluten, they should visit a doctor. The doctor will perform certain tests to rule out celiac disease and GI conditions. They may recommend them a diet plan to be followed. 

Test – It is hard to differentiate between celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Antibodies testing can be helpful. If the blood test result shows the presence of certain antibodies, the person may have celiac disease. Biopsy can be done by taking a tissue sample from the lining of the intestine. If the lining is damaged, the person may have celiac disease. After diagnosing celiac disease, they should look for signs of IBS or wheat or gluten intolerance. 

Researchers have suggested a particular diet plan to be followed at home. The individuals have to monitor specific symptoms. One week they can have a diet of gluten then avoid it for the next full week. Consume some gluten food in the third week, monitor for any symptoms, and report back to the doctor. If a person has some confusion regarding this diet plan, they should consult a doctor before making any changes. However, experts stress the need for tests that can diagnose gluten intolerance and differentiate it from celiac disease. 

A person with gluten intolerance should not have gluten in their diet. Having it occasionally is unlikely to cause any health issues unless the person has celiac disease. Keeping a record of meals and symptoms can help them to manage their intolerance.

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