All you need to know about Liquid Biopsy Test

Now you can also check for cancer through blood tests. Cancer can also be checked through Liquid Biopsy Test. In this test, a sample of blood is examined and cancer cells are checked at an early time.

Cancer disease has emerged as a major challenge in today's time. Conditions related to diet, lifestyle, and physical health are believed to be responsible for this. In cancer disease, it is very important to identify the symptoms at an early time and get tested. By detecting cancer at the right time, you can avoid falling prey to serious conditions. 

The most important investigation in the treatment of cancer is a biopsy, with the help of which cancer cells are examined. The procedure is considered a bit complicated since you have to undergo surgery for a biopsy test. So there is no need to panic. 

What is a Liquid Biopsy Test? 

You can detect it with a liquid biopsy test to check for cancer at an early stage. Cancer cells can be examined through a blood test without surgery. In a liquid biopsy, blood is drawn from your body with a disposable injection. This process is similar to the normal CBC test. In this technique, the tumor genomic profile is prepared by capturing DNA, and then the cancer cells are examined. In liquid biopsy tests, cancer can be detected through a single blood test.

For whom is the liquid biopsy test useful?

With the help of a liquid biopsy test, you can easily diagnose cancer. Actually, you need surgery in the biopsy test done in cancer screening. But in this procedure, you do not need any kind of surgery or cut. In this test, blood is removed from your body in the same way as a normal blood test and after this, cancer is detected by examining it in the lab. A liquid biopsy test is done to detect the presence of cancer or tumor. A liquid biopsy test is a type of complementary test that can be used several times to check for cancer or tumors. On the other hand, repeating normal biopsies or other investigations keeps the patient at risk of developing other problems. The usefulness of liquid biopsy tests is as follows.

  • In case of emergency, you can resort to liquid biopsy to check for cancer.
  • A liquid biopsy test is considered better for detecting cancer cells without surgery.
  • In this investigation, you do not have to wait a long time for the report.

Can any type of cancer be diagnosed with a liquid biopsy? 

With the help of a liquid biopsy test, you can detect many types of cancer. With the help of liquid biopsy, surgery can be done by detecting cancer at an early stage. Liquid biopsy can also be used in case of cancer already present in the body. You can detect many types of cancer through liquid biopsy, but it is most commonly used in the diagnosis of lung cancer. Apart from this, the use of liquid biopsy is also very useful in the problem of breast cancer and colon cancer. However, with the help of this test, it is difficult to fully detect a problem like brain cancer and research is still going on about it. Based on the advice of your doctor, you can get your cancer checked with a liquid biopsy test.

Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other health professionals for any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.

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