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There are many questions in the minds of people regarding the new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19 new variant) because very few people know about this virus, due to which people are searching all kinds of questions on Google. If you are also one of these people, then definitely read this article till the end because you will get the answers to all

The havoc of Coronavirus in the country and the world has not stopped yet and now the panic has spread about its new face. A new strain of coronavirus has been found in Britain, which has put the whole world in a panic. Several flights have also been canceled, and those found to be COVID positive have been kept under the supervision of doctors. All borders with Britain have been closed so that the virus does not spread to any other country. The borders have been sealed. Along with other countries, there is a stir in India as well regarding this new strain of coronavirus.

Question 1. When did this new strain of coronavirus emerge?

Ever since this new strain of coronavirus came to be known, the question in people's minds is that when was this virus detected? In fact, this new strain of coronavirus has emerged from a corona sample taken two three months ago in the Kent area of  London, its nanogenome has been named B.1.1.

Question 2. How was this new strain form identified?

Let us tell you that a new form of the virus has been identified with the RT PCR test, a test kit is being used for the RT PCR test in Britain. Only two genes were detected in the coronavirus test. When it was extensively investigated, it was found that the new variant hid 1 gene.

Question 3. Is the new virus more dangerous than the old one?

This new strain of the virus has not been there for a long time, so it is not proper to say anything about it right now, although about this strain that originated from Britain, British scientists say that it is a 70% fast-spreading virus.

Question 4. Why do viruses mutate so much?

Regardless of the virus, the genetic elements keep on changing over time. It is a rule that viruses keep looking for ways to enter human cells in any way, due to which it is always changing.

Question 5. Apart from Britain, where else is this virus spreading?

Apart from Britain, Italy and France have also confirmed this virus in their country. Apart from this, this virus is being said to be the reason for the second wave of corona in South Africa. American officials have admitted that it is because of this new strain that the cases of corona are increasing so fast.

Question 6. Has this virus been seen in India and other countries also?

But till now no specific information has been received about this.

Question 7. Has this virus also become uncontrollable like corona?

Responding to this question, the Emergency Chief of the World Health Organization, Michael Ryan, has said that this virus is not uncontrollable, but during the epidemic, very serious conditions have been seen. 

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