All you need to know about Osteoporosis

Bone health is very important. As we age, bones become weak. We should take care of bone health to prevent fractures.

  • If a young person has a problem of paralysis, due to which he has to study for a long time in bed, then even in such a situation, the chances of getting osteoporosis are more, then due to paralysis also the bones of our body are weak.
  • If you have a poor problem or a thyroid problem, and you are not getting proper treatment for them, then your chances of getting osteoporosis increase significantly.
  • If you have been taking steroids for a long time, they can also cause the weakening of your bones, in addition to this, medicines used in epilepsy also weaken the bones, which increases the risk of osteoporosis.
  • If you consume cigarettes too much, then because of that you can also get osteoporosis disease, because cigarette destroys the bone-forming cells in our body, due to which our bones start weakening and calcium in our bones is also less. seems to happen.
  • If you are between 60 and 65 years of age and you have pain in your bones, even then you must get tested for this disease once.

Symptoms of osteoporosis

Although this disease is not detected in the beginning, or until your bone is broken, nothing is known about this disease, but in many cases, it has been seen that this problem can also be genetic. Because it often happens that if you are a woman and your mother had exactly the same problem, then it is possible that you can also have this problem, so you should get this disease checked regularly.

The main symptoms of this disease are fragile and weak nails, back pain, neck pain, and pain in the knees, and if your back is bending, it is also a symptom of this disease, in this disease your bones become so weak. That they can break only with the slightest injury.

If you still have any questions related to this disease in your mind, then you can ask us that question through the comment section, we will definitely answer them in the comment section itself. 

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