Anti - allergy home remedies which you must know

Having an allergy means you possess a sensitive immune system that over-reacts to certain products or foods. try these home remedies which can help you in treating and avoiding any kind of allergic outbreaks.

Do you love to eat seafood but are unable to eat it because of its after-effects? 

Do you get itchy red patches on your skin or a stomach ache after consuming eggs?

Does eating sweets give you a headache? 

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then it is a classic case of food allergy.

The cause of food allergy is not known. Your immune system is like a scanner that recognizes a food or substance and releases antibodies to neutralize it. This causes allergy symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, wheezing, persistent cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, and more.

Allergies cannot be cured, although symptoms can be reduced, treated, and even prevented with antihistamine medications. Sometimes childhood allergies disappear on their own in old age. Home remedies are also efficient in treating allergy symptoms. 


It is an immune booster that prevents food allergies and flushes out toxins from your body. Take a mixture of honey, lemon juice, and warm water daily on an empty stomach.


Lactobacilli, a good bacteria present in probiotic food, regulate the natural balance of your gut bacteria, heals digestive problems, and boosts your immunity. Eat yogurt or other foods such as kefir, miso, or kimchi to reap its benefits.


The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger cure nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal discomforts. Have ginger tea or a mixture of ginger juice and honey before meals.

Vitamin C

Include broccoli, kiwis, bell peppers, sprouts, tomatoes, oranges, and strawberries in your diet which will boost your immunity power 

Castor oil

It increases the ability of your stomach to digest different types of foods and also increases the capacity of resistance. You can drink water, fruit, or vegetable juice mixed with some amount of castor oil every morning on an empty stomach.

Vitamin E

It is an anti-allergic which boosts your immunity. The anti-allergic properties help reduce allergy symptoms. For better results, include spinach, almonds, avocados, shrimp, and olive oil in your diet.


The quercetin present in garlic effectively cures food allergies. Antibiotic properties reduce symptoms and heal quickly. 

Cucumber and Carrot Juice

Carrots and cucumbers are full of vitamins and minerals and rich in antioxidants 


It reduces allergic reactions and deals well with stomach sensitivities. Try doing Maricha Asana, Matsyasana, Anolom-Vilom and Kapalbhati Pranayama to treat food allergies.


Eat bananas to ease the symptoms of food allergies. Its beneficial ingredients reduce skin rashes and abdominal discomfort and regulate your body's metabolism.

Tips to avoid food allergies

The best solution is to identify the food causing the allergy and avoid eating it. Drink lots of water. When buying food, read the label to avoid allergens. If you imagine some unknown food as you eat, ask the waiter about the ingredients. Follow these remedies and tips to keep food allergies away. 

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