Are we ready for the next wave of corona?

Let us not forget March 2020 and March 2021, which marked the 1st and 2nd waves of the corona. Let us stay future-ready to defeat omicron and corona today. Know the detailed guidelines about travel and a booster dose at Medicircle.

There are many precautions and preparations going on these days. With winter, setting in, we need to take extra care of cold and cough. Let us check what the government is instructing us to be prepared and avoid the next future ways. 

Are you planning to travel abroad?

First, the travel details of the last 14 days will have to be made available on the online air facility portal.

New Guidelines for International Travelers: 

Strictness has been increased to prevent the spread of corona infection in India. On Friday, new guidelines were announced by the government for international travelers coming to India. In the revised guidelines, home quarantine for seven days has been made mandatory for all international travelers. These new guidelines will be effective from January 11, 2022

Everyone must follow new guidelines for international travelers.

According to the new guidelines, passengers will be also quarantined for 7 days if they test negative, and strict isolation protocol rules will have to be followed if the report is positive.

Is the booster dose ready?

According to the Ministry of Health, the third dose or booster dose will be the same vaccine that people have received for their first and second doses. There will be no mix and match in this.

In view of the increasing outbreak of omicron and corona in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month announced to give booster dose of corona vaccine to eligible persons from December 10. Although the PM has named it 'Precaution Dose' instead of calling it a booster dose. Which will be given to already ailing senior citizens along with health workers and front line workers from today. If you are going to take a booster dose today, then definitely know the main things related to it.

5 important information related to booster dose or prevention dose

According to the Ministry of Health, no registration is required to take the vaccine dose. Kindly go to a vaccination center and get the vaccine. Apart from health and front line workers, the precautionary dose will be given to those above 60 years of age who are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, and other serious diseases. Such people can take a precautionary dose on the advice of their doctor. However, only those people will get the booster dose who have taken both the doses of the corona vaccine and 9 months have passed. That is, there should be a gap of 9 months between the second dose of the corona vaccine and the booster dose. Some people think that the booster dose is a separate vaccine, whereas it is not. The booster dose or third dose is the same as for the first and second doses of the corona.  No vaccines prevent infection but booster doses mainly reduce the severity of infection, hospitalization, and death.

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