Are you protected with COVID VACCINE?

Are we fully protected from coronavirus this winter to prevent cold, and cough issues? Let us check out the details.

Majority of us are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus vaccine. But, the question arises whether we are fully protected against COVID. Well, let us not forget that winter is here and also the breaking news of COVID emerging again in CHINA. 


Research has shown that coronavirus is there to stay and we have to live with it. Even though we are vaccinated, we might still get infected with the coronavirus. However, it has been noted that those who have been vaccinated experience fewer symptoms with usually gradual onset and less severity. The cases erupting as COVID positive are mild and able to recover faster without any complications. But, HOLD ON! The post covid symptoms of headache, fatigue and exacerbation of existing conditions are still a cause of concern. 

Research has confirmed that people who are fully vaccinated are still prone to get infected with the coronavirus. A health study has demonstrated that the current ranking of symptoms of sore throat, cold, and cough are on the high rise this winter even after two vaccinations. 

Fully-vaccinated people having covid can get these symptoms

Let us check out the common symptoms of the fully-vaccinated people having COVID

Sore throat 

Sore throat is one of the most common symptoms of the upper respiratory tract including COVID-19. A sore throat may result in irritation of the throat causing itching, and scratchy throat, and may lead to difficulty in swallowing food and water at times. It may start with dryness of the throat and result in inflammation of the tonsils in the later stages. 

Runny nose 

This is a common affection of any viral symptom causing watery nasal discharge from the nose which may last for a few days to a week. A runny nose can also lead to coughing with an excess of mucus in the back of the throat. 


COVID can also lead to coughing as the virus can affect our respiratory tract from the nose to the lungs. Coughing is the body’s way to get rid of unwanted irritants such as viruses, dust, and mucus. However, it can also promote the spreading of the virus to others around the person coughing especially in crowded places. 

COVID-19 headaches

Headaches caused by COVID typically resolve within a week. COVID - 19 headaches could be caused by widespread systemic inflammation especially if the virus affects the brain or the nervous system. 

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