World Arthritis Day : A Deep Dive into Joint Health with Dr. Gaurav Seth

▴ World Arthritis Day
The expertise shared provided a guiding light for those navigating the challenging terrain of arthritis, reaffirming the importance of early intervention and holistic care. World Arthritis Day indeed paved the way for heightened awareness and empowered individuals to take charge of their joint health.

In a recent Instagram live webinar hosted by Ms.Smita Kumar on Medicircle, the complex world of arthritis was explored on World Arthritis Day. With 15 years of experience in the field, Senior Consultant Rheumatologist, Dr. Gaurav Seth from Sarvodaya Hospital and Delhi Rheumatology Centre, shared insights into the rising prevalence of arthritis, its symptoms, management, and the role of lifestyle factors.

In a surprising twist, arthritis once considered a condition reserved for the elderly, has defied expectations and taken a new trajectory. Contrary to the common belief that it primarily affects individuals in their 60s and beyond, arthritis has extended its reach to a much younger demographic. Recent data reveals a significant shift, with more than 40% of youngsters now suffering from joint-related issues. This revelation challenges the traditional narrative, shedding light on a dynamic shift in the landscape of arthritis demographics.

Symptoms of Arthritis
Dr Gaurav Seth expressed how arthritis comes with a variety of signs that can affect different parts of your body. You might notice swelling or pain in your joints, and even simple tasks can become challenging. It's important to know that arthritis is not the same for everyone, it's like different types have their own set of symptoms. So, if you or someone you know is experiencing joint issues or discomfort, it's worth paying attention to these signs and seeking advice from a healthcare professional. Timely medical intervention is crucial, as delays in treatment can complicate the road to recovery.  

Arthritis Treatment
Acknowledging the challenges in arthritis treatment, where witnessing substantial improvements often takes more than a year, factors like a shortage of specialized doctors and clinics contribute to the delay.

Physical activity emerged as a cornerstone in arthritis management. Recommendations included a variety of exercises and stretches tailored to improve joint flexibility, including walking, swimming, and cycling.

Diet for Arthritis Management

Maintaining a healthy diet can be a part of the plan to handle arthritis, but it can’t be the sole solution. Medication is a crucial piece of the puzzle for effective arthritis treatment. So, it's like a balanced recipe, good nutrition plus the right medication for a winning combination against arthritis. While a healthy diet plays a part in managing arthritis, medication remains a vital component of effective arthritis treatment.

Seasonal and Weather Effects on Arthritis

The impact of weather and climate on arthritis symptoms was also addressed. Winters, in particular, can exacerbate symptoms, necessitating mindfulness in activities during these seasons. For those seeking relief at home, various home therapies were suggested, including finding comfort in different positions, applying hot or cold compresses, and incorporating turmeric milk into one's routine.

Ways to Manage Arthritis at Work
Drawing a line between regular joint pain and arthritis can be challenging, emphasizing the importance of seeking professional advice for accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
Dr Gaurav Seth also shared practical tips for managing arthritis at the workplace, including taking breaks every hour, skipping meals, and cutting off from smoking.

Gender Differences in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Gender differences in arthritis prevalence were highlighted, with osteoarthritis being more common in women. Projections estimate a staggering 96.7 million cases of arthritis among senior citizens in India by 2050. Providing a statistical viewpoint, it was revealed that approximately 0.92% of the adult population in India is affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

In conclusion, the webinar offered a comprehensive exploration of arthritis, exploring its complexities and offering practical management tips. The expertise shared provided a guiding light for those navigating the challenging terrain of arthritis, reaffirming the importance of early intervention and holistic care. World Arthritis Day indeed paved the way for heightened awareness and empowered individuals to take charge of their joint health.

As we wrap up this insightful journey into the realm of arthritis, let's remember that knowledge is the first step towards effective management. Stay tuned to Medicircle for more expert-led discussions on health and well-being!

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