Looking for your baby's nourishment? Baby food at its best from Bebe Burp

Shruti Tibrewal hits the healthcare industry with Bebe Burp which focuses on baby foods at their best. She provides natural organic immunity ingredients for baby foods which are essential for baby growth and development.

The Indian baby food market size was valued at $3.04 billion in 2021. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 9% globally during 2021-2027. In India, the India baby food and infant formula market are expected to exhibit a CAGR of 6% during 2022-2027. 

A nutritious diet is crucial for a baby’s growth, baby food was traditionally prepared at home all over India. But with a wide range of products from big brands readily available in the market, their demand has spiked, and homemade recipes have taken a back seat. The baby food segment in India clocked a revenue of $32 Bn in 2021  and will grow further to touch the $47.8 Bn mark in 2021, according to Statista.

Shruti Tibrewal is a Co-Founder of Bebe Burp. It aims to offer 100% natural products with organic ingredients making your babies healthy.

Journey for Bebe Burp

Shruti Tibrewal says, “When I was blessed with the baby, I started to search for many food brands in the market. I got disappointed because they have a huge shelf life of 2 years and my baby was six months old. Our traditional ancestors used to feed babies healthy food and a good immune system. The word immunity is hype. So, during that time, I was introduced to some traditional recipes for baby food in India which I modified using modern techniques and this is how Bebe Burp came into the picture.”

Prime USP of  Bebe Burp

Shruti Tibrewal informs, “In India, maximum people go for home-cooked meals for babies. The USP of Bebe Burp is as follows- 

  • Traditional home-cooked meals 
  • Convenient pack 
  • Tasty and nutritious 
  • Awareness among the parents to read the labels.” 

Patients lives touched so far with Bebe Burp

Shruti Tibrewal states,” We have already catered for more than 60 k homes through Bebe Burp. Still, we are catering to more and more homes.”

Funding for Bebe Burp

Shruti Tibrewal says, “We have raised funds in two different sections - 

  • Feed fund through Lead Angels 
  • Raised another round with well-known investors like Vadilal group, Tirupati oil, and Durian furniture.

We are very happy with investors on our platform which can help us in the future to grow easily as they are masters in their own fields.  It will be easy for us to get into the offline market very soon in the future.”

Revenues in FY22 and FY23 of Bebe Burp

Shruti Tibrewal informs, “We are not disclosing our complete revenue but we can tell you we are growing as per industry standards, and every month we are clocking revenue of 35%."

Challenges for Bebe Burp 

Shruti Tibrewal says, “It was a bit of a difficult journey. I started from a very small unit in my home itself. I did not have much expertise. But, I have done many baby food courses during the process of starting the company. I started with new modern techniques for baby foods. I also shared free samples with family and friends to know about the review.  After getting a tremendous response from family and friends, we started making the brand Bebe Burp. Many people used to ask me why I chose the name Bebe Burp. There is a simple reason behind it after the baby eats food, the child needs to burp. So our mantra is that after having Bebe Burp, your baby will be burping happily.”

Competition for Bebe Burp

Shruti Tibrewal says, “ Bebe Burp is happily enjoying its competition and we are happily growing in our own space. There are few products that are competition centric. But, we all have our expertise. We are into mixies where just hot water is added and baby food is ready. We do not add skimmed milk and artificial ingredients in our products.”

Motivational Message by Bebe Burp Founder 

Shruti Tibrewal states,” Nowadays a bubble has been created where we take funds, grow our marketing and our business grows. This bubble can only sustain till you have funds in the company. Rather, it is important to make your company a brand. Make your products the finest product in the world where no other contributors can beat you. The product is a great USP rather than marketing. If you have a great product with you, then anytime the bubble breaks you will be sustainable in the market. Your customers are your future. Work for a product and then go for funding later.”

Edited By: Dr.Rati Parwani

Contributed By: Shruti Tibrewal, Co-Founder of Bebe Burp

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