BeatO launches diabetes care programs to control and reverse diabetes

BeatO, a digital app-based platform, today announced the launch of its clinically proven, doctor-led comprehensive Diabetes CARE Programs with an aim to control and reverse diabetes under the guidance of experts.

In India, more than 200 million people are at risk of developing diabetes, and the nation's average HbA1c for adults with diabetes is an alarming 8.5 percent. Furthermore, only 5% of endocrinologists are located in Tier 2 cities in India, compared to 95% of people with diabetes who reside in Tier 2 cities and higher. Given the low doctor-to-patient ratio and the fact that the majority of specialists are located in Tier 1 or Metro areas, this possess a problem for timely access and cost, particularly for residents of smaller towns. In India, BeatO is giving people with diabetes affordable access to high-quality healthcare and digital monitoring solutions. BeatO does this with the aid of cutting-edge technology and leading medical professionals.

The target audience for BeatO's Diabetes CARE programs includes pre-diabetics, Type 2 diabetics, people with long-term diabetes, and people with those conditions' associated health complications. One of the main contributors to diabetes is a poor lifestyle, a check on lifestyle habits can ensure controlled blood sugar levels.

BeatO's CARE programs are unique digital solutions that offer members structured, pro-active counseling that is overseen by medical professionals. The program's virtual medical team, which includes top diabetologists and health coaches, aims to produce positive health outcomes. Additionally, it assists the members in making significant annual savings on their diabetes expenses, which include consultation, medication, monitoring, and test costs, of up to INR 6000 (30–50%).

The main benefits of the programs include free access to all prescribed medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, and thyroid as well as intensive nutritional and dietary counseling from personal diabetes care coaches and dietitians. The programs also include virtual consultations with top diabetologists. Members also have access to exclusive content, such as the MasterChef finalists' recipes from the BeatO Food Lab and an exclusive course on yoga for diabetes created by BeatO's expert yoga therapist and breathwork coach.

The American Diabetes Association, ACPCON (American College of Physicians), ATTD (Advanced Technology & Treatment for Diabetes), and the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy have all published the results of these BeatO's programs.

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