Benefits of eating cloves empty stomach

Cloves have many medicinal properties which are good for health and can also cause side effects so it should be consumed carefully.

If we eat cloves decoction or cloves early in the morning, then the properties present in cloves benefit our body by going to them. So let's know the benefits of eating cloves on an empty stomach

Consuming clove on an empty stomach to increase digestion power

Due to weak digestion, many types of diseases arise in the body. If we consume cloves on an empty stomach in the morning, then our digestive power increases.

Increases immunity, consumption of cloves on an empty stomach

Weakening of immunity means inviting diseases. If we start consuming cloves in our food. So we can increase our immunity power. We can take clove in the form of pulse, vegetable, and decoction.

Benefits of cloves for men

Sexual problems are often seen in men. Men who have sexual problems must consume cloves. Regular consumption of cloves fulfills the deficiency of nutrients in the body. And many diseases are prevented.

Side effects of eating cloves

If we consume cloves according to the rules, then it benefits and if we consume cloves in large quantities then it harms our body. By consuming too much clove, we can have the following problems.

Excess consumption of clove increases body heat

We should reduce the consumption of cloves in summer. Cloves are hot. And excessive consumption of cloves produces heat in the body. Excess consumption of cloves dilutes the blood. The habit of eating more cloves dilutes the blood present in our bodies. Many problems arise due to thinning of the blood.

Increase the problem of burning in the eyes, consume more cloves

Excessive use of cloves damages the eyes. Due to this problems like burning in the eyes can arise.

If we consume more cloves, it damages the intestines of our stomach. In the summer season, we should reduce the consumption of cloves.

What is the flavor of clove?

The taste of cloves is hot.

How many cloves should be eaten in a day? 

You know the benefits of eating cloves. But how many cloves should be eaten in 1 day? You must also be aware of this. In 1 day we should eat 2 to 3 cloves.

Ways to eat cloves

We can consume cloves in many ways. So let's know these methods –

We consume cloves mixed with vegetables and pulses. Clove can be consumed by mixing it in the decoction. Consume clove tea. Chew the clove raw and eat it. Boil cloves in water and consume that water. Grind cloves finely and consume them with water. Mix clove paste in the paste and use it. Make clove oil and use it. Make a paste of clove and use it.

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