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Cancer is a deadly and dangerous disease. Many women at a young age too also fall prey to breast cancer. Today, in our talk, Dr. Bharat Patodia provides complete awareness and education to women to detect cancer at an early stage. Early detection is a must to treat cancer with the right kind of treatment.

What is cancer, how does it happen, what are its symptoms and how can it be avoided. These are some of the questions that remain in the mind of women regarding breast cancer. One in every 10 women in India is suffering from breast cancer and experts say that the number of women suffering from this disease of breast cancer has increased rapidly in the last few years.

The incidence of breast cancer has been increasing for a long time. One out of every eight women in India suffers from breast cancer. Although it occurs in men too, very rarely. Office with household chores and then the kids! The life of today's women is so complicated that they do not get time for themselves. In the midst of all this, she is unable to pay attention to her health. There are many common diseases in women, which they have to deal with in their everyday lifestyle. One of them is breast cancer. 

Dr. Bharat Patodiya is a Consultant Medical Oncologist in AIG Hospital Hyderabad. He was earlier associated with American Oncology Institute, Hinduja Hospital, and many hospitals. He also has hands-on practice on oncological procedures like central vein catheterization, central tapping, pleural tapping, and other procedures. He has completed his one-year lung cancer specialization at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. 

Breast cancer in young girls

Dr. Bharat Patodiya says, “Yes breast cancer can occur in young girls. Such cases are challenging as there are suspicions and are neglected by patients and physicians. Its wait and watch approach by many patients and physicians. This causes a delay in the detection of breast cancer in young women. As per the epidemiological studies, the trend of breast cancer has started affecting young girls in urban and city life. The youngest breast cases are at 25 years which is alarming and must not be neglected. Breast cancer in young women is aggressive and if anyone is having breast cancer in family history it should not be neglected.”

Reasons for breast cancer in females especially in young

 Dr. Bharat Patodiya says, “There are no conclusive reasons on why breast cancer in young females is seen in urban population but some of the reasons are - 

Diet  Stress  Awareness 

Symptoms of breast cancer 

Dr. Bharat says, “The symptoms of breast cancer are -

Pain  Sensation of lump  Painless lump Involvement of skin  Skin inflammation  Redness  Inflammation of lymph node  Nipple discharge  Bloody discharge

There are the common symptoms to be aware of in cases of breast cancer.”

All you need to know about Fibroadenoma

Dr. Bharat says, “Let’s break the word to understand it FIBRO- ADENOMA where Fibro- means fibrous tissue and adenoma means overgrowth or tumor. A plain adenoma is benign and non-cancerous which is confined to one place. Fibroadenoma consists of fibrous tissue which forms a lump or knotty overgrowth and grows slowly. This might be related to hormonal changes in females but in the majority of the cases, there is no exact reason. It may shrink, dissolve or reduce and disappear. Fibroadenoma is round, soft, and globular to palpate while on other hand, the cancerous tumors are hard to palpate. Fibroadenomas may be multiple in number and associated with Lipoma.”

Fibroadenoma cannot turn cancerous

Dr. Bharat says, “Fibroadenoma cannot turn cancerous in 95 % of cases. It is important to check the signs and symptoms regularly. The chances of turning cancerous are very low but the possibility is there.”

Treatment for breast cancer 

Dr. Bharat informs,” The 1st step for breast cancer is to detect the stage and type and secondly what to expect from treatment. The steps are- 

Stage of cancer  Locally confined - then do surgery 

Spread of cancer - Chemotherapy is recommended or hormone therapy 

CT chest and Whole-body pet Ct can are important for the staging and typing of cancer. 

Histopathological tests can help us in detecting the type of breast cancer. 

Once the type and stage are determined, the treatment is planned. 

Surgery- There are two types of surgery 

Mastectomy  Breast conservative surgery

Palliative therapy like immunotherapy, radiation, and chemotherapy can be given in case of the spread of cancer.” 

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)

Contributed by: Dr. Bharat Patodia, Consultant Medical Oncologist, AIG Hospital 
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