Causes and treatment of hip pain

Hip pain is difficult to deal with. Our hip bears most of the weight pressure when we sit. It is important to exercise the hip joint daily. Apart from this, let us learn which are the other hip pain solutions.

Hip pain is the most common problem in women. Hips mean hip. From the young to the elderly, due to different reasons, they have become a victim of the problem related to the hip bone. The hip is the largest important joint in the body. It includes both soft and hard bones. These bones are attached to each other in such a way that they can move easily. It contains a fluid that helps the bones work together. In this, when there is a problem of pain, it becomes difficult to do even small tasks.

What is the cause of pain?

  • One of the reasons for the pain in the hips is also the lack of fluid present between the bones. Due to lack of fluid, the bones start rubbing together, due to which it becomes weak. Its bones can also break due to falls or aging.
  • Tendon is a strong rope-like thing that connects the muscles of the body to the bones. It is quite powerful. But if it gets hurt due to some jerk or any wrong movement continuously, then it gives a lot of pain. The pain of this heals later than the muscles.
  • Whenever the body does movement, it lifts those muscles, tendons, and ligaments. With increasing age and time, they become weak and start giving pain. Injuries or wear and tear in the muscles heal quickly, but if there is any tear in the ligament, then it has to be given rest for a long time.
  • In older women, if it comes to ligament fracture, then they have to take rest for a long time. Women start feeling stiffness in this part along with pain. Hip pain is sensitive in older people.
  • With age, the bones become weak and they are unable to withstand injury. This weakens the soft bones. Due to this, the risk of arthritis starts increasing in the body. As its effect increases. The problem of pain in the hips also increases.
  • Even a slight slip can lead to a hip fracture. Bone cancer or cancer that reaches the bones causes pain in the hips along with other bones of the body.

Light exercise and stretching exercises help with this. Physiotherapy can also be taken. Well, swimming is a great exercise to get relief from pain, you can compress the painful area by keeping ice for 15 minutes. 

After a week's work, when you are in a relaxed mood on the weekend, then there is a feeling of tension and tension in a particular part of the body. Similarly, hip bone puts you in trouble many times, which you want to get rid of. Basically, this is due to putting excessive pressure on the muscles and bones of the hip area. Among them, long working hours and staying in the same position for a long time is the biggest reason. 

Lifestyle is a reason

Pain in the hip or hips can happen to both women and men, but usually, this problem is more in women. Standing in the same position for a long time or sitting for a long time can also have side effects. Often joint pain can occur due to improper sitting or an unbalanced lifestyle. But if this pain is in the hips, then do not take it lightly. Hip pain can be a sign of many serious diseases.

Follow these methods for pain in the hip bone

Ice compress

If there is a lot of pain in the hips, ice can be rubbed for immediate relief. But keep in mind that instead of applying ice directly, wrap it in a cloth and apply it on the painful area. Apart from this, you can also massage the hips by keeping ice in a plastic bag.


Exercise also gives relief to hip pain. Stretching or light exercises can help with this. Swimming is a great exercise.

Follow these things in food for health

You can also get relief from hip pain by wearing the right size shoes, exercising and keeping obesity under control.

Vitamin E

Things containing vitamin E are very beneficial to get rid of hip pain. 

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