Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions to Lung Cancer

Smoking is a leading cause of lung cancer. Dr. Manish Gupta provides insights into the causes, symptoms, and treatment of lung cancer. He also provides us with preventive solutions to treat cancer and explains the cure rate in cases of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is the most often diagnosed cancer and leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. In India, lung cancer accounts for 5.9% of all cancers and 8.1% of all cancer-related deaths. 

Dr. Manish Gupta is a renowned Professor & Head of Dept of Radiation Oncology in Shimla and currently practicing in Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital, Shimla. For the past 15 years, he has worked in this field.

All you need to know about Lung Cancer 

Dr. Manish Gupta says, “ The cancers which occur in the lung is known as “lung cancer.” Cancer means uncontrolled growth. The lungs are made of tubes that carry oxygen to the parenchyma of the lungs. When there is the uncontrolled growth of cells in these tubes or the parenchyma of the lungs, it takes a form of a tumor which is called lung cancer.”

Symptoms of the Lung Cancer 

Dr. Manish Gupta informs, “The symptoms of lung cancer are as follows- 

  • Persistent cough which does not go despite taking medications 
  • Haemoptysis 
  • Pain in chest 
  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Difficulty in speech due to the involvement of the larynx 
  • Loss of weight
  • Loss of appetite.”

Prevention of Lung Cancer 

Dr. Manish Gupta states, “The best preventions of lung cancer are as follows-

  • Avoid Smoking 
  • Prevent Pollution 
  • Prevent radioactive gas exposure.”

Cure for Lung Cancer 

Dr. Manish Gupta says, “Cancer can heal completely. It is important to detect it early to cure it completely. If it is detected at a later or advanced stage, there are higher chances of metastasis, and the probability of curing lung cancer can go down. In the early stage, there are higher chances of probability of a cure. The cure rate of lung cancer is 80-90% but it may go down to 20%, if the patient continues to smoke or if the malignancy is detected at an advanced or later stage.”

Treatment of cancer by oncologist

Dr. Manish Gupta states, “Lung cancer can be treated by -

  • Surgery 
  • Chemotherapy 
  • Radiation 
  • Immunotherapy 

In early stages, surgery or/and radiation alone or in combination can be done to treat cancer. If the stage of cancer is advanced, where it is spread to adjacent lymph nodes, then chemotherapy+radiation in combination can be done for cancer treatment. If there is metastasis or spread of cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation both are performed. 

Rapid Fire 

Can lung cancer occurs only in people who smoke? Dr. Manish Gupta informs, “90% of the time, people who smoke have higher chances of developing cancer and 10% of people may have cancer due to other causes as well.”

Is lung cancer treatment painful? Dr. Manish Gupta informs, “Cancer treatment is not painful. If there is surgery, an anesthesia doctor can take off the pain sector. But, in advanced stages of cancer in case of metastasis, it can be painful at times. However, we have medicines available and other techniques through which pain can be reduced and taken care of completely.”

Apart from smoke from cigarettes, can cause occur due to any other kind of smoke? Dr. Manish Gupta states, “Industrial pollution or air pollution may cause irritation of lung tissue. There is a probability but certainty of lung cancer is only with smoking.”

Edited By: Dr. Rati Parwani

Contributed By: Dr. Manish Gupta, Professor & Head of Dept of Radiation Oncology, Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital

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