Condition that can cause watery eyes

Watery eyes are not only a medical condition but also a symptom. Watery eyes result from one or both eyes producing too many tears. Let's check out the conditions which can cause this condition.

When some dust or dirt gets into our ears, our body makes more tears to take it out. Even minute things like smoke particles or onion chemicals might trigger this action. Once it has been removed, the tears automatically get stopped. But there are other eye problems that can make you tear up more often.

 Dry eyes – This problem arises when the body doesn’t make enough tears and dries up too fast or the balance between oil, mucus, and water is not maintained. In all these situations eyes react by making more tears.

Conjunctivitis – It is one of the most common causes of watery eyes. It can affect both children and adults. It causes redness and itching of the eyes. Bacterial and viral infections are the most common cause of this. Viral infection doesn’t require treatment but bacterial infection might need antibiotic treatment.

Blocked tear duct – Generally, tears come from the tear gland above your eyes, spread across the surface of the eyeball, and get drained into the duct of the cornea. But in the case of clogged ducts, tears don’t find the place to come out and get piled up resulting in watery eyes. It can result from any infection, injuries, or even aging.

Problems with eyelids – Eyelids are like windshield wipers. Whenever something goes into your eyes, it gets close and takes the thing out. While you blink, it spreads across the eyes and sweeps away the extra moisture. The eyelid and lashes can curve inward and rub against the eye, a problem called entropion. And when they curve outward, it is ectropion. Hence the lid can’t wipe the whole eye when you blink. Either of these may cause watery eyes.

Styes – It can make your eyes watery. Other symptoms are swollen, red, painful lump along the edge of your eyelid. It gets normal on its own in a few days. It is caused by a bacterial infection. Putting clean warm cloth on the eyes eases the pain.

Eyelash problem – If any of the eyelashes grows inwards instead of outwards or at any weird angle, it’s called trichiasis, it can happen after infections, injuries, and other problems. In that case, the doctor might redirect the eyelash in the right direction.

Scratch on the eye – Any sharp object may cause a scratch in the cornea. It may cause teary eyes and redness of eyes. It gets normal in a day or two. If it doesn’t get treated, visit a doctor and seek a consultation. 

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