Confused between Ehealth and M-Health? Come let’s explore more with Sandeep Tathe, Founder ProRx Consultants LLP & Prismed Healthcare LLP

“‘We prescribe productivity’ as our tagline, and we are quite committed towards it. Productivity is the core mantra, and the organization propagates it through stupefying services,” says Sandeep Tathe, Founder ProRx Consultants LLP & Prisme

     E-health and M-Health have come to play an important role in supporting healthcare via electronic means. M-Health is the use of mobile devices such as a mobile phone or tablet to support the practice of healthcare. These m-Health applications have been improving the delivery of healthcare information to researchers, practitioners, and patients as patients can log, store and monitor their own health and access electronic health records on their personal mobile devices. While E-Health, on the other hand, is the healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and compared to m-Health is a much broader term like for example, e-Health includes technology such as electronic health records, patient administration systems, and lab systems, all of which cannot be stored within mobile health applications and would require bigger systems to manage.

The similarities of both eHealth and m-Health do lead to confusion but when we go to see, within healthcare, e-Health is a much broader and powerful term.

Sandeep Tathe, Founder ProRx Consultants LLP & Prismed Healthcare LLP, has 20 years of experience in the Healthcare domain with 8 years of experience at a Pharmaceutical Company and 2 years in the e-Health, m-Health, and Healthcare market. He also has expertise in Planning - Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Institutional sales, managing distribution & trade.

The mobile application by Prismed Healthcare LLP makes for affordable & accessible Primary Health care services with the e-Health Marketplace having an offline and online setup.

Prismed Healthcare LLP one of the fastest growing online pharmacy

PrisMed is an online healthcare service provider with the fastest growing online pharmacy. PrisMed digital-health mobile applications, AI, IoT powered medical devices enable people to manage and improve their health, achieve wellness goals, and interact with their health system.

Technically it is sophisticated, easy to use, and smartly designed creating a compelling user experience. PrisMed digital health platform aims to offer accessible, affordable, and transparent health care services.

The PrisMed application is one such connecting link that serves you with various online pharmacy services like placing orders online for medicines with free home delivery.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of Medical attention with increasing awareness amongst society. Align with the same announcing PrisMed.

PrisMed Healthcare an integrated health care services start-up based at Aurangabad plans to launch its operations towards the end of September, according to chief executive Mr. Sandeep Tathe.

Incorporated in April 2018 PrisMed is Primarily into Healthcare Delivery to Multinational Companies & corporates. Now Ready with Healthtech Platform to cater Primary Health services Digitally via Mobile Application & PrisMed HealthSPOTs

PrisMed HealthSPOTs will be a physical health station which will provide Health & Wellness services for selected Townships/Societies & Corporates / Industries

Wellness Services will maintain Good Health & Primary Health Care will screen Monitor Health stats which will certainly prevent & minimize secondary health complications.

We have hired Industry Expert Health coaches & consultants for Wellness Services.

PrisMed will provide doctor consultation (through a video conference), Doctors Appointment, diagnostic tests, professional home care services like nursing, physiotherapy, and a family doctor at the patient’s doorstep, second opinion platform from metro cities super specialists, besides home-delivering prescribed medicines, and facilitating transportation in case of advanced tests and hospitalization.

For the Expansion of this Start-up, we are looking for partners/associates.

Experience with expertise’ weighs more in my eyes 

Sandeep started his career quite early that’s why he could not complete his graduation. He passed Diploma in Pharmacy in the Year 2000, and from the very next day, started his job,

Experience with expertise’ weighs more in my eyes. The skills developed in the last 19 years comprehend my humble success. I have worked with ElanPharma (I) Pvt. Ltd., where I gathered an enriching experience of 8 years in a Pharmaceutical Company and handled Planning-Business Development, Sales/Marketing, Institutional sales, and also  Managed Distribution & Trade. I also have worked with Apollo hospitals groups and gained 9 years of profound experience in Pharmacy Management Retail & Hospital Based Pharmacies, profile included, Regulatory compliance, Accreditation & Audit trails, Marketing initiative, Corporate Sales & Overall Pharmacy Operations Management. I was also associated with an Israel based TevaPharma’s Healthcare Division and acquired an overall experience of 2 years in Market Research & analytics on Generic Pharma Market, Digital HealthCare, e-Health, and m-health,” he says

Entrepreneur Journey started with Two Start-ups 

Sandeep’s entrepreneur journey started with two startups namely - ProRx Consultants LLP  and Prismed Healthcare LLP, “Talking about ProRx consultancy, it is a Pharmacy auditing and business consulting or advisory firm that provides business services to healthcare institutes, hospitals, and individuals. The company’s core expertise is to offer end to end solutions to pharmacies for generating a quick profit in the competitive market scenario of contemporary times. Commitment to Excellence is the prominent factor around which the company swirls, and it is quintessential for winning the faith of our clients. Thereby, we always try to deliver impeccable strategies to attain desirable and exemplary results. Being one of the Exclusive Pharmacy auditing firms in the nation, the graph of success and excellence is directly linked to the growth and advancement we are providing to our clients. The vast experience we gathered comes in handy to make specific targets and then achieve them through implementing a goal-oriented set of changes,” he says.

“Talking about ProRx, ‘We prescribe productivity’ as our tagline, and we are quite committed towards it. Productivity is the core mantra, and the organization propagates it through stupefying services. The company’s Pharmacy 360 Service Model covers all the requirements of a Pharmacy. Along with the Audit & advisory, we deploy our experienced and qualified team on-site to execute or implement the solutions effectively. Our major clients are KEM Hospital in Pune, Swasthya Hospital in Ahmednagar, and United CIIGMA Group of Hospitals in Aurangabad,” he says.

Mobile devices and mobile applications being used to deliver healthcare 

Independence Day address of the Hon. The Prime Minister launching the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) during the coronavirus pandemic crisis gave a strong message that Digital Healthtech platforms are an immediate need to access Primary health. Sandeep throws light on the subject that mobile Devices & Application powered by Artificial intelligence are helping the community for increased access to health /diagnosis /consultation (telemedicine), “We are collaborating with Cardiotrack Bangalore based start-up for Portable ECG Devices & AI interpreted Reports. This helps a lot for Rural General Practitioner or Family Physician to perform ECG with Report also Super Specialist Remark all in 10 Minutes. E-commerce players on platforms are establishing their footprints in Medicine Delivery (ePharmacy) Recently India’s Biggest Corporate acquired e-pharmacy Startup & IT Company gave a clear hint that they are entering into Pharma retail space,” he says.

Future trends in e-health

Sandeep explains that e-Health is diversified into multiple verticals which contribute altogether to Health Care Industry, “This includes m-Health ( Mobile Application for Health Care Services), Data Analytics & Data collectors to understand the algorithm for AI, Telemedicine platform, Health wearable, Practice Management Software & Platforms, Medical Coding, Remote Monitoring Devices & Home Health connectivity with Secondary Hospital. AI will help advances in Genomics and molecular technologies, such as gene editing. Digital Chip fit into the body to monitor your Blood sugar sync with your Mobile is not far technology awaited. Automatic Pill Dispensing devices are out in the market. 3D Printers for Customised Dose of Medicines will not be a difficult task in the coming time. EHealth Future is amazing as well challenging,” he says.

New Normal hereon will be Health 

Sandeep points out that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of Medical attention with increasing awareness amongst society, “The COVID-19 pandemic provides a unique moment to engage governments, companies, and communities around the world in this endeavor. The pandemic has exposed deep vulnerabilities in healthcare systems, supply chains, and social structures, and vast inequities that need to be addressed. I personally feel New Normal hereon will have one agenda for all and that is Health. Across the world epidemiologists are looking for herd immunity amongst the population at the same moment working on Vaccine development & trials by world-wide leading Pharma companies is in progress. It will take the 3rdQtr of 2021 in developed countries for Exact Normal followed by developing countries. Till the time we have to follow the Respective countries Health Guidelines to save our health & countries' wealth,” he says.

(Edited by Rabia Mistry Mulla)


Contributed By: Sandeep Tathe, Founder ProRx Consultants LLP & Prismed Healthcare LLP
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