Connect2MyDoctor’s cARe - Augmented Reality tool playing a crucial role in patient education

The merger of Augmented Reality (AR) and teleconsultation has the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is being delivered through telehealth. Patient education is the backbone of any medical treatment, it can aid in faster recovery. cARe is one such 3D/AR tool that helps in patient education.

Pramod Kutty is the Co-Founder & CEO of Connect2MyDoctor based in Melbourne, Australia. Connect2MyDoctor is a comprehensive telehealth start-up that utilizes technology to deliver high-quality healthcare online. Connect2MyDoctor addresses multiple use cases of connecting tertiary and primary care, remote patient triage, home care, ambulatory care, and direct-to-consumer telehealth.


Pramod begins, “We started in 2015-2016 with the objective of having a technology solution to bridge the gap between patients and doctors. We work with hospitals in different countries like India, UAE, Berlin, and Turkey.”

The platform enables patients across the world to connect to their doctors. They are the official telemedicine partner of AHPI (Association of Healthcare Providers, India). The platform manages everything from video consultation to telemedicine. Homecare. Telerehabilitation, ambulatory care, etc are the future pipelines. 

USP of Connect2MyDoctor

The approach towards the hospital and customer-focused mantra differentiate them from others. Hospitals chose to work with them because of their technical capabilities, overall platform offerings, product features, and functionality. Hospital-suitable solutions give hospitals the flexibility to work with various institutions. 

The customer base 

Pramod mentions, “Since inception, we have supported 15-20 + countries. There are patients of first-time consultations, second opinions, follow-up visits, and medical tourism patients.”

cARe, a 3D/AR tool

cARe is 3D/AR module of different body organs that can be used by doctors for inpatient and teleconsultation patient education. The specialist can choose the list of models available and proceed with the detailed explanation using zoom, rotate and annotate functionalities.  It helps patients and their families understand the details of a medical procedure beforehand. Thus, it aids them in taking informed decisions regarding their way of treatment. The merger of AR and teleconsultation has the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is being delivered through telehealth. This technology can be of great help to students of medical college and can be easily incorporated as a part of medical education.  

According to a recent Proper Insight and Analytics Survey, 45.2% of people prefer to visit their family doctor.

The fate of telehealth

During the pandemic, teleconsultations have gone up but post-COVID, it has declined sharply. Now, people are free to visit doctors offline. But still, patients can use the digital medium for payments, e pharmacy. It has also given them an opportunity to share their BP, and oxygen level readings through digital health devices. The future of telehealth is going to be very different from the current scenario. 

In March 2022, India made an important landmark in its digital health journey by completing 170,000 teleconsultations in a single day through its nationwide telemedicine service.

Future expansion plans

Pramod informs, “We will be working with hospitals across all geographies. We are planning to go deeper into India, UAE, and Africa. From a broader perspective, we are focusing on remote patient monitoring, home care, and telerehabilitation.”

Entrepreneurial journey

Pramod concludes, “Entrepreneurship is fun but it has its own set of challenges. You need to have a great team and family support. On the other side, it is very satisfying, you are able to make a real difference in people’s lives. Budding entrepreneurs should remain persistent, passionate, and positive. It’s like a marathon.”

(Edited by Renu Gupta)


Contributed By: Pramod Kutty, CoFounder and CEO, Connect2MyDoctor
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