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More than the rising cases, the worry is about the rising instances of mismanagement in diabetes care. Less than 50% of people can achieve their glycemic goals. To change this Amitabh Nagpal started LifeInControl.

Diabetes is the new endemic in India. India already wears the title of ‘Diabetes Capital’ in the world. By 2025, 69.9 million will suffer from diabetes and by 2030, the number of diabetes patients in India will reach 80 million. 20% of Indians between the ages of 20 and 35 and 40% of them above the age of 60 suffer from type 2 diabetes. 

More than the rising cases the worry is about the rising instances of mismanagement of diabetes care. Less than 50% of people can achieve their glycemic goals, as reported by the American Journal of Managed Care

The low patient compliance level pushed Amitabh Nagpal to solve this issue. Nagpal is an alumnus of Stanford and an angel investor. He met Partha Sarathi and launched LifeInControl. LifeInControl is an app that would assist diabetic patients to take control of their life. It is a holistic diabetes care platform that would help patients connect with doctors and professional coaches.

The doctor would tailor-make a program that suits the needs of the patients' condition and lifestyle. The professional coach would help motivate the patients to reach the set goals. The patient would also have the option to be in touch with both the doctor and professional coach to get feedback and to clear doubts.

It is a one-stop platform that would understand their diabetes condition, make personalised plans for it and help track all the vitals like insulin, medicinal dosage and blood sugar levels. They also help to track the calories consumed, nutrition and more.

They host 60+ doctors on their platform and have registered 40,000+ downloads. The venture has received $4.2 million in funds from US-based RoundGlass Partners. Healthcare has seen major investment. With 53% of all angel investments going into the healthcare sector in 2019. In Q2 of 2020, the angel investment in healthcare went up by 3x.

Every year almost 230,000 Indians die due to smoking whereas 254,500 die due to diabetes. With diabetes killing more Indians than smoking, the need for LifeInControl is more vital than ever before. Other apps in the same sector are, OneCare, Aarca Research, Breathe Well-Being, Cooey Health amongst others.

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