Dawaa Dost : Making drugs more accessible and affordable.

Statistics indicate that about 69% of the people in India are impoverished due to expenditure on medicines alone & only 7% of people take medicines prescribed by the doctor primarily because of high cost of medication. Dawaa Dost aims to help people understand that by moving to generic medication, it is possible to save INR 50,000 every year

According to the most recent Niti Aayog report, the growth of privatisation has significantly increased healthcare costs for Indians, with out-of-pocket spending accounting for more than 60% of overall healthcare spending. Dawaa Dost, a start-up founded to solve this issue, provides clients with high-quality, low-cost alternatives (in the form of branded generics). It is a leading end-to-end digital consumer healthcare platform that was established in 2018 with the intention of reaching over 1 billion Indians. It claims to save 50-80% on medical expenses and is inspired by the idea of obtaining and selling pharmaceuticals at the right price.

Dawna Dost now has 66 sites in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Telangana, and Maharashtra, serving 19,000 post codes across the country. It has also partnered with small company owners in tier II and III cities to offer low-cost generics to customers. It's an omnichannel platform with a 45 percent return rate that serves over 2 million clients through both online and physical channels.

In the future, it hopes to have 500+ stores across India over the next 24 months, as well as collaborations with over 30k kirana stores by the end of FY23. Dawaa Dost wishes to be within a 5-minute drive of every Indian. "We already have a monthly reach of 50 million subscribers, which we plan to extend to 200 million by December 2022." "By 2025, we hope to save a billion dollars in total healthcare costs," Choudhary stated.

The company's content platform, MediWiki, is the world's largest owner of healthcare content, with over 7 lakh videos in six Indian languages. The company's other product, Karma Dost, employs technology to address non-adherence to prescriptions in India. For example, the platform has a reminder function that rewards clients who take their drugs on time.

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