Different types of Eyedrops for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are caused due to a lack of lubrication in the eyes and irritation in the eyes due to less production of tears. Dry eyes can also be related to the environment and other factors. Know about different eye drops which can be helpful to you.

Dry eyes are a common eye problem, which can be due to many reasons.

Dry eyes can be caused by windy conditions, prolonged screen use, or dehydration in your body. One of the reasons for this may also be a malfunction of the meibomian gland, which is a serious condition of dry eye. Apart from this, wearing contact lenses, seasonal allergies, and eye strain can also cause dry eyes.

The names of drops prescribed by doctors for dry eyes are as follows-

1) Systane

These eye drops are lightweight and feel like real tears in the eyes. They are used to cure the problem of dry eyes, as they have a thick texture. Available in a gel-like consistency, this eye drops provide long-lasting relief from dry eyes.

2) Opcon-A

If you have dry eyes due to an allergy, then this eyedrop is good for you. These eye drops with the presence of antihistamines also help in removing the redness of the eyes.

3) Thera Tears

These eye drops are designed for people with mild dry eye conditions. It contains equal parts of a unique electrolyte-balanced formula. This is a preservative free form 

4) Lumify

These eye drops are commonly used to treat redness in the eyes caused by dry eye conditions. 

5) Vicine

This eyedrop is also used to treat redness in the eyes, which gives relief from redness in 60 seconds.

6) Blink

These eye drops provide relief in irritation caused due to dry eye problems. Apart from this, it also gives quick and long-term relief from dry eyes.

7) Refresh Tears

A few drops of it provide instant relief, which does not irritate the eyes when applied.

8) Similasan

They provide relief from redness, excessive watering, dryness, irritation, and gritty present in the eyes. Instead of harsh chemicals, this formula is packed with natural active ingredients that are easy on the eyes.

9) Gentle

These eye drops can be used in case of dry eye injury. These eye drops with dense texture provide smoothness to the entire eye.

10) Clear Eyes

This eyedrop helps to relieve dryness, burning, and itching in the eyes.

11) E Moist

These eyedrops provide relief from burning sensations in the eyes, dryness in the eyes, and burning in the eyes.

12) Itone Eyedrops

These eye drops are made up of twenty herbs including neem, basil, turmeric, and honey.  It also cools down tired dry eyes.

13) Himalayan Opthacare

Made from a mixture of honey and Persian rose, this eye drop is used to treat eye strain and irritation caused by prolonged screen use.

14) Teardrop Eyes

It is used to treat dryness, which also helps as an eye lubricant. It also provides relief from eye pain, discomfort, and irritation caused by dry eye conditions.

15) Restasis

It is an anti-allergic eye drop, which relieves burning, pain, and dryness in the eyes.

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