Hanuman – The new avatar of digital Hanuman for all your medical emergency

Just like Hanuman brought sanjeevani to Lord Rama in Ramayana, Niraj Jha’s digital avatar of Hanuman is a last-mile delivery service provider that offers immediate healthcare solutions, including ambulance services, diagnostic services, and home healthcare.

Dr. Niraj Jha is the Founder & CEO at Hanuman. Hanuman ensures last-mile delivery of immediate healthcare solutions, including ambulance services, diagnostic services, and home healthcare.


Niraj states, “Hanuman is a Bihar-born startup and is functional in four states of the country, Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. Hanuman is a 360-degree EMS (Emergency Medical Services) company. We deliver acute care services like ambulances, ECG at the doorstep, and also home healthcare. The idea was to provide access to healthcare, especially in the acute domain.

The need to solve the problem of the last mile delivery of healthcare gave birth to Hanuman. Hanuman means Health accessible in acute need and utility for mankind.”

USP of Hanuman

Niraj says, “Providing EMS for Bharat is our main USP. The real Bharat resides in 6 lacs small villages. Tier 2 and tier 3 cities are also huge markets. All hospitals are mostly located in larger cities of the country and the majority of the patients are from small villages. Thus, we provide EMS for the real Bharat. We provide the emergency services at the right price at the right time for Bharat.” 

The customer base of Hanuman

Niraj informs, “We have served 70,000 lives, 22,000 door screenings of COVID and non-communicable diseases. We have also transported 60,000 patients in ambulances. During COVID times, we came up with a no-refusal policy, served with full capacity, oxygen concentrators, medicines, and home nursing.”

Small town startup

According to Niraj Jha, “It was not easy to build a startup sitting in Patna. Things are changing for the better. People are now appreciating, providing support, and help. This brings a lot of excitement and motivation. Bihar is very rich now from money and fame. The overall ecosystem is developing. It was a tough decision to start in Patna but then if you want to solve the problems of ground level (small villages), you have to stay on the ground.” 

Funds and their utilization

Niraj informs, “In the bridge round for Pre-series A, we have raised a little more than half a million dollars. The purpose is to scale it to UP and go deeper in Bihar. Fortunately, we have the leadership of good corporate houses and medical device companies. We have got enough support and validation from existing investors and new investors across the globe. 

This year we will be targeting 15 crores. We are also planning to raise our second fund round.” 

Expansion plans

Niraj mentions, “We are present in all districts of Bihar and Jharkhand but we want to go deeper into panchayat and taluka levels. In UP, we will be marking our presence. We will start with eastern UP. We are trying to build EMS for small villages followed by larger towns, primarily Hindi belt first and then non-Hindi.”  

Valuable advice

Niraj concludes, “Bihar has a lot more potential. The startup should come from the real ground of problems. One should be clear in their thoughts as to what they have to do in life. The passion for doing something should come from within. Find out your passion, and interest, and then walk on the right path.”

(Edited by Renu Gupta)


Contributed By: Dr. Niraj Jha, Co founder, Hanuman
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