Healthcare for all- A passion of Dr Sujata Malik behind Sunburst Healthcare

Dr. Sujata Malik speaks about her passionate and admirable journey with Sunburst Healthcare. She is truly motivational and inspirational support for young women who wish to start their own journey. So, let's take a sneak peek into this journey which is definitely inspiring for all of us.

Dr. Sujata Malik graduated from the Symbiosis Institute for Healthcare Management, Pune. She has experience in the fields of healthcare consulting, healthcare information technology, and more. She started her entrepreneurial journey with Sunburst Healthcare.

Journey of Sunburst Healthcare 

Dr. Sujata Malik says, “I started my entrepreneurial journey quite late and I have been in the healthcare industry for 30 years. I know healthcare as an insider and being an insider I always know there are some gaps. The gaps remain unaddressed. The health care providers do not look at that aspect of healthcare where there are no follow-ups. This was always on my mind. This motivated me to do something in healthcare. Home healthcare remains unaddressed and there are very few providers who provide quality home healthcare. These were some of the thoughts on which I could make a mark at home healthcare. Therefore, in 2017, Sunburst was founded. It has been a quite an enjoyable entrepreneurial journey with great learning.”

USP of Sunburst Healthcare 

Dr. Sujata Malik informs, “We are a home healthcare service company. Healthcare at home is what we provide. There is no specific age group of patients that we are targeting. We focus on home healthcare as follows- 

Post-discharge care  Post-surgical care  Palliative care  Elderly care  Care for Everybody  Nutrition services  Teleconsultation Nursing care at home  Physiotherapy  Applications of home healthcare

We are focusing on virtual home health care and in-person care is our USP.”

New offering and service by Sunburst Healthcare 

Dr. Sujata Malik states, “Our target audience is everyone who needs healthcare. The multitude of applications of home healthcare starting from labs, pharmacies, consultation. We want to specialize in some areas that are unaddressed for example, second opinions and patient advisory services. Many of the patients don't know whom to consult and how to access healthcare services at the right cost. Accessing the right kind of care can help you save a lot of money in the long run.”

Funding of Sunburst Healthcare 

Dr. Sujata Malik states, “We are completely self-sustained now. We are promoting 100% of equity and fully bootstrapped. The funding is required for expansion and upscaling. We have developed a nascent technology for our healthcare which includes- 

Web portal - Healthcare access  3 apps for the patient, caregiver, and doctor

This technology has been designed based on experience with physical care. we understood the process and got the technology designed. We need funding for two things - 

to make the technology agile, quicker, and smarter To have an establishment in India.”

Future plans Sunburst Healthcare 

Dr. Malik informs, “There will be two scenarios with different growth plans. We are placed in Mumbai. We have a franchise partner in Mumbai for Sunburst headed by Dr. Parekh. We intend to replicate the franchise model in other areas. We are looking at having our own centers and target tier 2 cities. We are also looking at metro cities and Delhi NCR.”

Present and future of Revenues Sunburst Healthcare

Dr. Malik informs, “We are planning to close at 2.5 cr at 2022 at the moment.”

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)

Contributed by Dr.Sujata Malik, Founder, Sunburst Healthcare
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