Evidence of Concern: AstraZeneca Vaccine And Its Relation With Blood Clots

Vaccines are very important in case of a pandemic and to control the spread of disease. With the number of vaccines rolling out this year, the count of administration of vaccines for COVID19 has outgrown successfully. It is important to note the efficacy of the AstraZeneca Vaccine as compared to the side effects.

We all are aware of the benefits of vaccines. In cases of the pandemic, a vaccine is a must to control the spread of the disease. The benefits of vaccines should outweigh the risk. 

There is some sort of fear which is cropping up among various companies in regards to the administration of AstraZeneca Vaccine. Experts say that it is a matter of concern which is an alarming situation that has led to the death of many people due to blood clots after the COVID vaccination. 

AstraZeneca Vaccine creates concern among the experts

AstraZeneca Vaccine, developed with the University of Oxford is under scrutiny and special screening due to the negative side effect on some of the individuals who have received the vaccine. Countries are busy counting over the shots of vaccines received by the millions. While noting the successful counting to reach millions of people worldwide, some cases have come to light due to the side effect of AstraZeneca Vaccine administration. The UK agency said that there are 30 incidents out of 18 million doses of AstraZeneca Vaccine which has resulted in the side effects of clot formation in the blood. Before that, the agency had disclosed about 5 cases on March 18 th 2021 out of 11 million shots. This is a matter of concern as we need to ensure maximum safety and no side effects with vaccine administration 

Emergency Authorization Use of vaccines 

Emergency Authorization Use (EAU) by the World Health Organization (WHO) was necessary to ensure the safety of people worldwide as the deadly virus was continuing to spread. The World Health Organization has made these vaccines available to the public posing the coronavirus threat. 

The reason behind the concern of AstraZeneca Vaccine

The main condition which is causing an alarming situation is thrombosis or blood clot due to administration of the dose of AstraZeneca Vaccine. This is a serious side effect of the vaccine which is a major concern for many people worldwide. These clots can run in the blood vessels which travel to the brain causing fatal complications. This is spreading concern worldwide. The statistics are as follows: 

In Norway, health officials have reported 6 cases among 120000 recipients, four of whom have died 
In Germany, 31 cases have been reported after 2.7 million vaccinations, nine of them have died 
In the UK, 25 cases have been reported out of a total number of 18 million AstraZeneca Vaccine shots 

Are these numbers sufficient enough to question the efficacy of the AstraZeneca Vaccine?

These are just the number. The real mechanism of this side effect of AstraZeneca Vaccine is quite puzzling where there can be different angles to the situation of blood clots. We should also take into consideration any kind of platelet disorders or long-term medication interaction which might have led to this problem of blood clots. Age could be another factor that might have resulted in this blood clot formation after the administration of AstraZeneca Vaccine. The vaccination drive was carried among those patients who were above 60 years of age. 

Side effects of vaccines 

The side effects of vaccines are divided into common and uncommon.

Common side effects include skin reaction, mild fever, or mild weakness which will resolve on its own in a couple of days. These can be a headache, tenderness, muscle aches, itching of skin, chills, or malaise. Uncommon side effects are a matter of concern and it is important to raise red flags about them. What exactly causes them is unclear. But there are high chances of predisposing conditions like comorbidities or long-term medication interaction. 

Proven effects of AstraZeneca Vaccine

It is important to understand the efficacy of the AstraZeneca Vaccinewhich is proven at Phase Three, the final stage of clinical trials to be 70.4% effective. In practice, it is 80% effective. Currently, fears and news are circulating about the side effects of blood clot formation after the administration of AstraZeneca Vaccine. It is important to note that the number of people having this side effect of blood clot formation is quite low and predisposing factors must be kept in mind for those affected with it. 

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