Face Skin problems solutions with home remedies

Every person's skin tone and other symptoms are different from another person and some people's skin needs more care than usual. Along with external care, nourishing your body in other ways also makes the skin healthy and glowing.So, check out the top 10 remedies for healthy skin.

There are many layers of skin and each layer has its own needs and special measures have to be taken to take care of each layer. Every person wants to show that he does not have skin problems and he looks younger than his age.

Symptoms of Face Skin Problems 

Discoloration and Dark circles Thin blood vessels Moles and skin marks Extra oily skin Fine lines and Dryness

Factors causing skin problems 

There are many factors affecting the skin of the face. Many of these factors can cause permanent damage to even beautiful skin. 


The most damage to the skin is caused by strong sunlight. Ultraviolet rays (ultraviolet rays) of the sun damage not only the upper layer of the skin but also the inner layer. In some cases, they can also cause serious skin complications.

Climate changes 

Climate and changing weather conditions also affect our skin. 


Smoking and drinking are other important factors that harm the skin. Nicotine and alcohol are like poisons for the skin and they can increase acne, itchy rashes and irritations in the skin.

Home Remedies and Solution in Skin Problem

1) Lemon - Lemon

Lemon has complexion-enhancing properties, which helps in reducing dark spots on the face.. While using lemon juice on the skin, care should be taken that the skin is protected from sunlight.

2) Honey

It becomes more useful when honey is mixed with lemon and milk. This combination of honey helps to keep the face fair and clean. It can also be used with cucumber juice and curd.

3) Oatmeal pack

With the use of oatmeal, the dust and dirt stuck in the skin pores are removed. For this, mix oatmeal with turmeric and water and apply it on the face and skin and wash it off with lukewarm water when it dries.

4) Tomato

The skin tone improves with the use of tomatoes. It absorbs the oil from the skin and opens the clogged pores. Tomato gives a pink tint to the skin. For better results, leave the tomato pulp on your skin and wash it off after it dries slightly.

5) Potato

Potato acts as a natural bleaching agent. Potato is very easy to use but its process is slow and it takes time to see the result.

6) Ice – Ice Cubes

The use of ice cubes improves blood circulation in the skin and cools the skin. It also prepares the face for makeup. By using ice, the makeup stays on the skin for a long time and does not spread.

7) Sandalwood Sandal

The use of sandalwood provides coolness to the skin and it also refreshes our minds and mind. It removes skin infections, rashes, irritation, discolored skin, dark spots, and other problems.

8) Orange Peel

The orange peel removes excess oil from the skin and cleanses it. It also has many other medical properties like antiseptic, detoxification, etc. It removes dead cells and helps in making new cells.

9) Turmeric

Turmeric has innumerable properties and has been used for thousands of years to brighten the skin. It is antiseptic and antibacterial. Mixing it with sandalwood and applying it in the form of ubtan gives a unique glow to the skin.

10) Multani Mitti

Multani mitt exfoliates the dead cells of the skin, due to which the clogged pores of the skin also open. Its use increases the supply of oxygen to the skin, which makes it glow. It is very beneficial in dark spots, acne, and other skin disorders. 

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