FDA warns five companies illegally selling dietary supplements claiming to treat infertility

A word of caution for the couples longing for a child. FDA works towards protecting the health of consumers and is targeting the companies claiming to cure and treat infertility.

Infertility is the cause of concern in many couples. We see a lot of women trying to conceive during their lifetimes. There could be many reasons behind infertility right from the PCOD, fibroid, cyst, endometriosis or bleeding disorders, and many other female health problems. Some women struggle their entire life trying to find a solution to the problem. Many women fall into a trap of many supplements and treatments which put them at higher risk. Here is the need to help such couples to save their lives from the potential risks of taking medications that can be harmful to them 

Infertility: A major hurdle for many couples 

Infertility is a problem perceived virtually in all cultures and societies. This infertility affects 10- 15 % of couples of reproductive age. In recent years, the number of couples seeking treatment for infertility has increased. Infertility not only impacts the sexual or reproductive life but also impacts the psychological and emotional well-being of the couple. Couples must be careful while stepping into any treatment and must make sure to find out that the treatment and medications are medically approved and evidence-based. There is a great need for awareness among the couple who are wanting a child or planning a family. They must be aware of all the pros and cons of any medical treatment they are opting for. 

Parenthood is a major transition is men and women both 

Parenting is an essential part of everybody’s life and should be given importance. It is the stage of responsibility to nurture your child. In hope of wanting a child, many couples go beyond the medical treatments available to them. The stress of non fulfillment of a wish for a child is associated with many health problems especially leading to depression, anxiety, marital problems, relationship issues, sexual dysfunction, and social isolation. 

Negative effects in a childless couple

Couples experience a lot of diminished self-esteem, self-confidence, and stigma which is associated with being childless. This stage of infertility is difficult to deal with. It is generally seen women show higher levels of distress associated with infertility than male partners. Both men and women experience a sense of loss of identity and have pronounced feelings of defectiveness and incompetence. 

FDA protects the consumers against supplements for infertility 

Dietary supplements that claim to cure, treat or prevent infertility and other reproductive health issues can potentially harm the consumers who use these products instead of seeking effective treatment such as FDA-approved drugs or assisted reproductive technology. The major goal of the FDA is to protect the health of the consumers and give them top priority. The main aim of the FDA is to make their consumers aware and be vigilant about the warning of certain products and companies that places the consumers at risk . 

It is important that the consumers must be cautious of the products sold or marketed by various companies which have unproven claims to cure or treat a disease. The FDA makes sure that the products that are available for the consumers are proved and have scientific evidence 

It is important to note that some supplements might interact with the medicines taken by the consumers. 

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