Funding gained in Q1 of 2022

India saw an 89% increase in funding in Q1 of 2022 than in Q1 of 2021. This quarter also witnessed 14 startups entering the Unicorn Club of which 3 are women-led.

2021 was a groundbreaking year for startup funding globally. Yet the first quarter of 2022 has shown a slight drop, especially in the category of healthcare. 

According to the Rock Health’s report, $6 billion were gained by digital healthcare startups in Q1 of 2022. The number has decreased from $7.3 billion in Q4 of 2021.

Usually, the first quarter of the year isn’t the best time for investment, the signs of slowing down may be a prediction of the investment that will come in the year 2022. 

India on the other hand saw an 89% increase in funding in Q1 of 2022 than in Q1 of 2021. Q1 of 2021 saw 255 deals worth $3.71 billion whereas Q1 of 2022 saw 482 deals worth $10.02 billion.

This quarter also witnessed 14 startups entering the Unicorn Club of which 3 are women-led. Although this may seem a good sign, the overall participation of women in entrepreneurship is diminishing. The drop in women-led startups is close to 67% in the last three years.

Unfortunately, healthcare hasn’t featured in the top 5 sectors that have received the most funding. Fintech startups have gained the most funding followed by edtech startups. D2C brands, food tech and logistic tech have followed in the later spots.

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