Give a Listening Ear to the People who are Denying Covid Vaccine and Guide Them to Say “YES” to it

Whenever there is something new in society, there would be diverse opinions. It’s a natural phenomenon. We should not look down upon Covid vaccine naysayers rather listen to their voices and then divert their actions in the right direction.

Many in the educated classes too are showing reluctance in taking the Covid Vaccine. The reasons why they are denying are manifold like:

“If others are taking vaccination, why should I, I will be safe anyway because there would be no one to spread infection.” “I have heard that those who would be taking vaccination have chances of giving birth to unhealthy babies, later on, I do not want this to happen to me” “People are falling ill after vaccination, there must be something wrong.”  “Many people die of vaccination; I do not want to risk my life.” “I am still thinking about it, will take it later if required.”

Above statements are no doubt negative ways of looking at the vaccination process but instead of belittling the thought process of those who are saying so, give a listener’s ear to understand why such thought process have erupted in their minds and then either try to convince them with your words of practicality or at least convince them to consult a doctor so that they can get clarity on their dilemmas. It is approaching the medical professionals for advice is the best solution because it is on them that the people have the maximum trust as far as advice related to any health issue is concerned. 

Clinicians can become the best guides

The clinicians would have to wear the cap of the counselors of such people to eradicate Covid at a national level. The problem is not with one individual but the community as a whole and that is why people are getting influenced by few naysayers. This segment of the people should be patiently heard first and then convinced. The attitude towards vaccines has to be made positive. The doctors need to sound very confident and speak in the most affirmative tone about the efficiency of the vaccine and avoid using “ifs” and “buts” in their statements otherwise that segment of the community would not be able to come out of its reluctance. It should not be a scenario of giving an opinion rather helping others towards forming a positive outlook towards the vaccine and making it a priority.

Powerful impact of traditional as well as social media would help

Vaccine awareness videos across social media sites could prove to be helpful as people are avid social media users these days. There can also be hoardings and billboards in nooks and corners about the significance of the covid vaccine, government-initiated advertisements between web programs and tv programs as well as newspaper articles and advertisements. The aim of all initiatives should be to remove dilemmas by allowing the expression of ideas instead of quietening the voices. 


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