Handling 5 Medical Emergencies

Learn how to handle medical emergencies like bleeding, fainting, electrocution and more.

One never knows when a medical emergency can come at their door. It is better to be prepared and know how to handle instances of burns, bleeding and more. A little understanding of how to handle medical emergencies can at times even save someone’s life. Here’s how you can handle these 5 medical emergencies.

Ankle twist

Ankle twisting or sprained ankle are common problems. This happens when your ankle joint suddenly gets twisted. One must follow the RICE methods. RICE means Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. The first step means to stop putting any weight on the foot. Next is to ice it for at least 20 minutes to lower the swelling. Then lightly wrap a piece of cloth to compress the region. Finally, try and elevate your leg to avoid the blood rushing there. 


If one cuts themselves or falls down, then they will experience severe bleeding. To stop bleeding take a clean cloth and apply firm pressure. The cloth or bandage can be tied down over the wound. Before typing the wound make sure to clean the wound. If still, blood seeps out then use another bandage on top of it. If possible, raise the wounded body part. Turmeric is highly antiseptic, applying it can reduce bleeding and even reduce infections.


If someone burns themselves then if there is a burning material then remove it immediately. If the material is stuck to the skin, cut the edges as much as possible. Put the burned part under cool water to reduce pain. If water is not available, compress the area. Do not apply ice or any oil by yourself. Elevate the burn area above your heart. When blisters appear, do not break them. 


Electricity can be very dangerous. Even a small voltage can cause internal damage. If someone is in contact with an electric medium, firstly remove the person away from it. Use a dry non conducting objects like plastic, wood, rubber or cardboard. If the person shows no sign of circulation then use CPR. If a burn is present use a bandage to tie around it and elevate the burn area. Go to the doctor immediately for checking any internal damage. 


The first step is to check if the person is breathing or not. If they have stopped breathing then perform CPR. One should not sprinkle water on an unconscious person. They should remain in a sleeping position as sitting up might cause breathing difficulties.

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