Hanuman raises over $.5 million to expand its emergency medical response services in Bihar, Jharkand and UP

It led to the birth of Hanuman, which has a purpose “To provide timely and reliable emergency medical services, without refusal, to everyone in such need”

May 17th, Patna, Bihar: HANUMAN is a Bharat-focused, health emergency response and care healthtechtoday announced that it has secured slightly over USD 0.5 million, as a bridge to its Series A, from angel investors. The funding was led by, Mr. Kamal Lath and was participated in by marquee angels. The existing investor angel network by Karekeba Ventures also participated in the round. The angels investing in this round are founders of unicorns and soonicorns, senior C suite professionals from Fintech, MedTech, Healthcare Services, Wealth Management, and Insurtech companies, and many are alumni of premier business and technology schools of global repute. 

In India, due to heart attacks, a patient dies every 2 minutes, and injuries/accidents are the third leading cause of casualties. Proper treatment in the first 60 minutes of trauma (Golden hour treatment) can save 60% of lives. The sad plight is that 80% of such patients do not reach the hospital in the first 60 minutes of trauma. The problem is further aggravated in Bharat regions where the EMS services lives are even more scarce and definitive care facilities (hospitals) are non existent or very far-off. Covid waves, established this fact in an even more glaring manner regarding the lack of emergency care infrastructure (care facilities and reliable ambulances) on one hand and the shortage of human resources, on the other. We can surely say there was always a need to rethink and revolutionize the emergency response system in India and even more in the Bharat regions. 

Hanuman has focused on EMS to “Bharat”, which is not just the cities but the districts, towns, and the villages. Here emergency cases come up each day but there is no medical healthcare service to solve and address those emergencies. Hanuman aspires to connect those in such need at the small district to the right hospitals in the city center or metros.

Hanumancare is a Bihar-based technology-enabled, emergency health aggregator app that has provided ambulances to over 20000 people, conducted over 10,000 home tests, onboarded over 1000 ambulances, and provides 24*7 services across Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. Hanuman provides emergency services to patients in need, hospitals, and a variety of institutions.

 “Hanuman will aim to deliver a consistent emergency response and care for patients in the Bharat regions we operate and expand into,” said Niraj Jha, Founder & CEO, of Hanuman,  “We are guided with the principles to be there in need, be accessible, be reliable and be transparent always. We are committed to continually enhancing the experience by leveraging technology and empathetic people and partnerships.  This funding, besides technology and people, will be utilized for expanding the network of ambulances profoundly in geographies across Bihar, Jharkhand, and UP. We thank all investors to support the mission of Hanuman and further enable us to “Bring Sanjeevani to Life” for people  when needed the most”  

About Hanuman

In April 2021, post the seed fundraising from Karekeba Ventures, Hanuman successfully served patients and scaled its presence in 38 districts of Bihar and Jharkhand. The Hanumancare app provides emergency response services by ambulances (air, rail, and  road), emergency first responders, and homecare for critical needs. From 2020, Hanuman is offering its services to the rural and urban sections of Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi, and Mumbai. 

The two co-founders, Dr. Niraj, and Santosh, each having a  decade plus of relevant domain experience and deep empathy grew with time, by continuously experiencing the practitioner's dilemma and patients' loss, “Kuch der Pehle le aate, to hum bacha lete” (if you could have been here a bit earlier, we could have saved the life of patients).” They came up with Hanuman and were joined by tech background co-founders, Deepak and Sandeep, who share the passion for the mission of Hanuman.

This collective experience has led to a very deeper understanding of the needs of patients, practitioners, providers, and partners. Driven by empathy and using this valuable knowledge, Hanuman is run with guiding principles to never refuse service and be accessible, and reliable in a transparent manner. 

Team Hanuman always demonstrated resilience and commitment to its core purpose, and it is worth mentioning the team's unparalleled commitment demonstrated during Covid Wave 2. As the time demanded, the team along with partners handled the pressure and needs of patients and the community with a smile and with a clear “no refusal policy." Yes, the war was against time, but it is notable that team Hanuman, along with ambulance partners, were able to save the lives of more than 7000 people, in this time of crisis. In addition, Hanuman was also recognized and awarded a grant from ACT Grants, during COVID Wave 2, wherein in a short time, 22,000 doorsteps triages were carried out. 

In moments of truth, Team Hanuman has always risen to the occasion and delivered the promise-“Koi Aaye Ya Nahi, HANUMAN JAROOR AAYEGA”

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