Health Basix – In-school healthcare partner for your kids

Schools can play a central role in safeguarding kid’s health and well-being. Safe and supportive school environments have been linked to better health outcomes. Give your child the gift of Health Basix, India’s trusted In-school healthcare partner which takes charge of your child’s health at school or at home.

Swathy Rohit is the Co-Founder and CEO of Health Basix based in Coimbatore, an organization that is seamlessly connecting children and families to affordable healthcare services.

Health Basix

Good habits start at a young age. But nowadays, 65% of children (at a young age) are addicted to gadgets or some other form of games that can have long-term consequences in later life. But don’t worry. Health Basix is here. 

Health Basix is a platform that manages a child's health by providing comprehensive assessment and virtual care for their parents and caregivers so that students receive the right medical attention at the right time whether in school or at home.

How do they do?

  • Diagnose the kids. Identify their strengths and weaknesses. 
  • 24x7 helpline to answer all possible queries regarding any health problem. Offline doctor consultation is also available. 
  • Collect, store and keep track of student health information to provide continuity of care. 

USP of Health Basix

“Health Basix is the only startup that focuses on physical and mental health as well. We believe that it is the primary basic care that needs to be addressed holistically for children,” adds Swathy. 

Lives touched so far

We have screened 1,40,000 students so far. 

Health Basix as School Healthcare Partner

Children need to start following better habits from pre-primary schools. The startup offer 

  • Social-emotional learning curriculum
  • Nutrition, viral infection disease curriculum

Swathy expresses, “We are helping them to make better decisions tomorrow for their physical and mental health.”

Health Basix Programs

  • In-school/ community clinic - Physical clinics within school premises and a trained nurse. 
  • Health assessment – Annual child check-up gives good quality data of the child’s health for future health-related quality decisions.
  • Wellness counselors – Health Education
  • Special learning difficulty programs for kids

Swathy emphasizes, “Social-emotional learning is a very new concept for India. A lot of behaviors are formed mentally under the age of 7. So, it’s very important that we work from the pre-primary level. Along with that, it gives a great sense of satisfaction when we are able to help kids.”

Piece of learning

Never give up. Keep working for your dream. Get a good support system. 

(Edited by Renu Gupta)


Contributed By: Swathy Rohit, Co-Founder and CEO, Health Basix
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