Roshan Mansukhani shares insights into holistic care for addiction treatment to quit it forever

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Roshan Mansukhani gives an important message to those dealing with the problem of addiction to “stand up and take help.” With his special expertise, he provides insights on how to deal with addiction and withdrawal symptoms with holistic care.

The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking falls on June 26th of every year to bring to light the issues of the seriousness that illicit drugs foster on society. This occasion is upheld by people, networks, and social organizations everywhere in the world.

This day is observed worldwide with much consciousness to make society at large aware of the risks of chronic drug use and illicit trafficking. It's a problem that is a significant obstruction to health and like a poison to the young. We, at Medicircle are conducting a series on this International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking to make people understand the significance of stopping drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

Mr. Roshan Mansukhani is the best music therapist and a motivational counselor in Mumbai for depression, alcohol and drug addiction, anxiety, trauma counseling, and anger management. He purely helps you cope with those trigger points that lead you to those discomfort moments and overcome them with a holistic approach independently getting back that lost self-confidence in you.

The real cause of addiction 

Roshan Mansukhani says, “We have to identify the real reason behind the drug. We as a society have tabooed a lot of things. Even tea is a drug if you see addiction by itself. The chemicals which are termed as so-called organic are a form of drug which youngsters are consuming today. It is basically a wannabe that makes you feel good. We have to know the real cause behind it. Some of the causes are as follows:

Aggression at home  Aloofness from family  Excessive screen time Violence and aggression at home

In such cases, it is important to observe your child. Being a parent, you know every part of your child. So closely monitor the way they speak, clench their fist, spit around, etc. So, these are the things you have to monitor closely. Don't get scared by what is happening. Stand up and help is always there.” 

Holistic care for addiction treatment is a must 

Roshan says,” There are a lot of platforms that can help you. Medication is one of the most important aspects. There are many doctors who are addressing this issue. There is a holistic approach when it comes to mental health. You need to reach out for the trigger points. Everybody is going through this process of substance abuse. Remember, one thing that everyone wants to get out of it but sometimes the pressure is so much that you can't quit it. The pressure can be either from home, peers, friend circle. There could be a reason where you want to sound cool and look cool. We have to handle people with addiction through great care. They need a lot of counseling and it is important not to judge them. So, this is the best holistic approach. This is just the starting point. There are many gravities that you see. It is very difficult if I just make you sit down and go through many medications. There is already great suppression within you. Addiction treatment is a gradual process and it should aim at enhancing the self-confidence within you.”

Know all about withdrawal symptoms in addiction 

Roshan informs,” Dopamine is a chemical in the brain which makes us feel good and happy. Suppose you have quit addiction by taking medications and you are back on track. This is when withdrawal symptoms begin. Suddenly, you realized that the happiness you get is hallucinated happiness. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are : 

Confusion  Frustration  Aggression  Lack of focus and concentration Shivering  Perspiring 

When you are addressing these issues, it is termed as withdrawal symptoms. Everybody has different chemistry. Addiction treatment is not a  lifelong process. You need “X” amount of sessions and then pause and follow up again. The time period for these sessions is 2 - 8 months. It depends on person to person and their gravity. Addiction treatment involves the family as well.” 

Addiction in pregnancy can be harmful to your unborn baby 

Roshan states, “I will give you a very simple example. Let's talk about a pregnant mom who listens to just music all the time. She is very confident and pepped up. This affects the child too. 

The child is already musically born. There is a connection between the mother and child. So, when you are taking drugs and chemicals, you are not only slowing yourself down and harming the chemistry but also harming the child 10 times more. When a child is born he gets influenced. There is a direct link between the newborn baby and your unborn baby in the womb.” 

A valuable message from the expert

Roshan says, “Today if you break an arm, you proudly walk for treatment to a doctor or to the hospital or even for a dressing. But, when you are going through a stressful problem that has led to something called drugs, why shy away from the world instead address the issue, break out from the stigma, stand up and take health help is always there. Life is simple. It's only us who complicate it.”.   

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)


Contributed by: Roshan Mansukhani, Music therapist & Motivational counselor
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