Home Remedies for Morning Headaches

Waking up with a morning headache can be troublesome. Let us check out the reasons for this with quick solutions for morning headaches.

Do you wake up with a heavy head in the morning? There are many reasons for this problem, called “Morning headaches.” Well, we are not talking about hangovers here. Generally, morning headaches are known to be associated with Monday morning hangovers after a party night. But, there can be other reasons for these morning headaches. So, if you are prone to morning heaviness of the head, you are on the right page with us. Let us get started to provide you with some home remedies for morning headaches.

Causes of Morning headaches 

There are many causes of morning headaches- 

  • Stress 
  • Gastric headache 
  • Disturbed sleep 
  • Migraine 
  • Dehydration 
  • Low blood sugar 
  • High or low blood pressure 
  • Sign of medical condition 
  • Work-related issues 
  • Mental issues 
  • Negative thoughts 
  • Demotivation 
  • Rhinitis which may lead to nose block 
  • Sinusitis which may lead to facial pain 

Well, the reasons for morning headaches are endless. 

Are painkillers the only solution for morning headaches?

Now, the main question which might be ticking your mind is - What are the healthy solutions for relieving morning headaches? PAINKILLER! Well, this is the most common resort to pop in a painkiller. This can give you a lot of side effects which are as follows- ]

  • Gastric disturbances like acidity 
  • Kidney issues 
  • Liver issues 
  • Nauseating and vomiting 
  • Lack of sleep 

So, next time you pop in painkillers for morning headaches, think again. Choose some natural solutions which we are going to mention in the next part of the article. 

Home Remedies for Morning Headaches

The best home remedies for morning headaches are as follows- 

  1. Drink Herbal Tea

People drink tea and coffee to get rid of headaches, but they contain caffeine and it is harmful to consume them on an empty stomach in the morning. On the other hand, herbal teas like green tea, lemon tea, mint tea, ginger tea, etc. are more effective in providing natural relief to headaches.

  1. Drink lemonade mixed with honey

Many people consume lemon water in the morning to relieve hangovers, as it is an effective remedy to get rid of fatigue and headache. After getting up from sleep, drinking lemon water and honey mixed with it will provide headache relief as well as many other benefits.

  1. Take a Hot Shower

Taking a hot bath removes fatigue and calms the mind. It makes you feel refreshed. It is also an easy way to get rid of a headache.

  1. Do Yoga and Meditation

By practicing breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation, the mind calms down and you feel relaxed. It gives you instant relief from headaches.

  1. Get a Head Massage

To get rid of a headache, massaging the head with hot oil for some time also provides excellent relief. This is the oldest natural and effective remedy for headaches.

The remedies are usually very effective in providing relief from headaches after waking up, but if the headaches are due to migraine, sinus, or any medical condition, you should consult a doctor.

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