Homeopathy and Allopathy - A comprehensive treatment for AIDS

Dr. Praful Barvalia informs that synchronization of homeopathy with allopathy can help prolong the asymptomatic phase in AIDS patients. He also advises about the need for counseling for AIDS patients to help them give new hope to live life positively. His views will definitely help you motivate to live if you are battling AIDS

AIDS is a chronic, potentially life-threatening disease caused by HIV (Human Deficiency Virus). 

AIDS is considered a long-term disease with complications that reduce immunity and make it difficult to cure. At this Juncture of World AIDS Day, it is important for the patient suffering from this deadly disease to know the consequences to defeat AIDS and conquer a healthy body. 

The United Nations started working on communication, prevention, and education under the World AIDS Campaign since its inception in 1988 at the global level. Since then, World AIDS Day has been celebrated all over the world.

Let us not forget the people who are prone to this AIDS disease and also those suffering from it. Battling AIDS is not easy. We understand that treatment and technology are advanced. Let us come together with experts and doctors to help you battle and defeat AIDS Forever. Let us the theme for World AIDS Day 2021. 

The theme of World AIDS Day 2021 is 'Ending inequalities and ending AIDS. 

In this initiative, We, at Medicircle, are conducting an awareness series at the onset of World AIDS Day to educate people about AIDS and its preventive measures from eminent Expert Doctors and Medical professionals. 

Dr. Praful Barvalia, Founder Chairman of Spandan organization, renowned academician, is a well-known figure in the field of Medicine, Education, Research, and Public health. The institute has been upgraded as the center of excellence in the field of mental health. He has conducted quality research in autism, ADHD, HIV, and mental health. He was a founder of the Spandan Organization for 23 years.

He is a Gold Medalist & M.D. in Homoeopathic Medicine, he is visiting professor in India and abroad. 

Importance of Immune System in AIDS 

Dr. Praful Barvalia says, “Immunity and immune responses are quite crucial.AIDS attack the immune system of the body. When a virus attacks our body, the immune system gets activated to fight against it. Here, in the case of AIDS infection, the aspects are different. 

Stage 1- When HIV invades our body it attacks the immune cells and captures them.  Stage 2 - On being captured by the HIV virus, the Immune cells multiply causing infection

This destroys the immune system and weakens it. We also saw during the COVID infection, the spread was quite fast.

The susceptibility of AIDS increases -

If you are susceptible to infections or venereal disease, there is a higher magnitude of AIDS Malnourished  Unhygienic lifestyle also weakens immunity.”

Symptoms and Complications of AIDS 

Dr. Praful Barvalia says, “The evolution and life cycle of AIDS and HIV are interrelated. HIV spreads through- 

Infection  Bloodborne  Drug addiction  Infected Syringes and needles  Sexual transmission.

The symptoms of AIDS are- 

Fever  Malaise Bodyache  Flu-like symptoms  Asymptomatic phase in case of immunity  Weight loss Weakness  Fatigue  Decrease efficiency  Low-grade fever  Enlarged lymph nodes The spectrum of symptoms involving many systems Hyperacidity  Diarrhea Opportunistic infections  Tuberculosis  Pneumonia 

The symptoms may differ depending on the susceptibility of the disease. So, if you have symptoms recurring for 2 - 3 months, get your test done.”

Mental counseling for AIDS treatment 

 Dr. Praful Barvalia says, “Caretakers and family members must take care of the AIDS patient. AIDS patients have a higher tendency of suicide. There is a need to counsel AIDS patients before and after the test. The AIDS patient gets scared of death. This is the mindset of AIDS patients. The morale of the AIDS patient is down. AIDS patients are weak mentally and emotionally. They are anxious and have less awareness about the disease. There is a need to increase the support system.”

Homeopathy for AIDS Treatment 

 Dr. Praful Barvalia says, “Homeopathy is a medical science which stimulates homeopathy. The literature on homeopathy is authentic for the immune system. There is much research and literature published which states that homeopathy can stimulate the immune system and cause an asymptomatic stage in the AIDS patient. Long-term treatment with homeopathy is beneficial to keep CD4 count stable. Homeopathy can be given as adjuvant therapy along with allopathy for AIDS patients in further enhancing and promoting homeopathy. Homeopathy can work in Drug-Resistant HIV cases.”

Message from expert 

 Dr. Praful Barvalia says, “Awareness is empowerment. Every person should be aware of HIV and AIDS disease to prevent them. Understanding this is very important. The largest number of cases are coming from sexually transmitted diseases. So we should avoid this route. Other important points to be noted are - 

Healthy lifestyle  Good immunity  Awareness of spread  Do not reject HIV patients  Take care of HIV patient  Keep diseases at bay.”


(Edited By Dr. Rati Parwani)

Contributed By Dr. Praful Barvalia, Founder & Chairman of Spandan organization 


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