How does poor sleep affect your eyesight?

It is recommended to have good quality sleep for seven to eight hours which may vary from person to person. If you do not sleep properly for 7-8 hours, you may encounter eyesight problems. Read more to know the details on how poor sleep can affect your vision.

Did you know poor sleep can affect your vision in the long run? Yes, it's true! Sleep is a very important component of a healthy life. Poor sleep will not only affect your mental health and physical well-being but also has a major impact on every part of the body. One such part of the body which we will discuss today is - the EYES. Yes, poor sleep has a negative impact on the eyes. When you do not get restful sleep of good quality, your eyes may end up suffering from vision problems. 

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, good quality sleep allows the eyes to heal and recover from the daily strain. Eyes go through a lot during the day as you are constantly awake being busy in your personal and professional life. This involves spending more time during the day in front of computers and mobile phones. Our eyes are constantly at work for the most part of the day, so it is important to allow them to heal at night in sleep. 

How does lack of sleep affect vision?

The hydration levels of the eyes are maintained with help of tear production. Less or poor tear production can cause dry eyes and this may damage the eye barrier causing an eye infection. Lack of sleep may cause dry eyes resulting in- 

  • Blurred vision 
  • Twitching eyes
  • Sensitivity of light such as photophobia 
  • Itchiness of eyes 
  • Redness of the eyes 
  • Dry eyes and lack of tear production 
  • Prone to eye infections 
  • Burning of eyes 

According to the study published in the journal of Sleep Medicine, it has been proven that professional drivers who have deprivation of sleep may have visual problems which may cause critical errors as compared to those who have restful sleep. 

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine also quotes that prolonged poor sleep or not getting proper restful sleep increases the risk of cataracts, glaucoma, and myopia in the future. 

Tips for good eye health before sleep 

  • Remove contact lenses and all your eye makeup before going to sleep 
  • Exercise before bedtime to get sound sleep 
  • You can also do eye exercises and yoga which will give you restful sleep 
  • Set a sleep schedule and get organized 
  • Get disciplined with sleep and wake cycle 
  • Keep low lighting such as dim lights at night 
  • Use a sleeping mask to pamper yourself
  • Put sliced cucumber to cool and soothe the eyes
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