How to consume basil leaves?

Do not make this mistake while eating basil leaves, know what is the right way to eat basil. Basil leaves are beneficial for the body. But if eaten the wrong way, it can damage the teeth. Let us check what Ayurveda says.

Basil leaves are considered very beneficial for the body. By eating them the body remains healthy. Eating basil strengthens immunity and protects the body from many diseases. People use basil in many ways to stay healthy. Some like to drink its extract, while some chew basil leaves and eat it. But do you know what is the right way to eat basil leaves? And what can be the harm of eating basil leaves in the wrong way? Let's know about it.

How do consume Tulsi leaves in the right way?

Many people eat basil on an empty stomach, while many people eat it at any time during the day. Tulsi helps in keeping the body healthy. Tulsi is eaten in the cold, cough, cold, phlegm, sore throat, body ache, fever, etc. Many people make basil decoction and consume it in the form of tea. While taking basil, keep in mind that it should never be chewed. Eating basil after chewing can cause much damage to the body. Instead of chewing basil leaves, it is advised to swallow them and eat them.

Effect of chewing basil

Chewing on Tulsi can cause tooth decay. Mercury is found in basil leaves, which can damage teeth. Chewing Tulsi regularly brings mercury into the mouth, which can damage the enamel (outer layer) of the teeth. Apart from this, Tulsi leaves are naturally slightly acidic, due to which eating it daily can damage the teeth.

Tulsi leaves can be swallowed and eaten. Apart from this, Tulsi can also be taken in the form of a decoction or tea. A decoction of Tulsi can be given to children or elders of the house to protect them from seasonal diseases. This is very beneficial for health. Diabetic patients can also drink basil tea easily.

Benefits of eating basil leaves

  • Due to the antiviral properties of basil, it protects against seasonal diseases.
  • Tulsi is helpful in removing facial problems.
  • In case of injury, applying basil mixed with alum, the wound heals quickly.
  • Basil leaves help in reducing stress.
  • Consuming Tulsi makes the digestive system strong.
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