How to do face makeup in healthy way

Many people are worried about makeup. If they want to go to a party, a wedding or someone's birthday. So, we think about what to do with our makeup so that our look looks the best and better, and maybe it is not wrong to think that. Because every person wants to look different and beautiful.

We will tell you such ways by which your problem will end and you will look better in the party.

Eye makeup

Concealers can be used to do eye makeup. With this, more can be done in the lower part of the eyes, because some of the blackness will be removed with makeup. Most of the first sight of someone goes to your eyes. Because of which the beauty of the eyes has a special significance.

It is seen that often girls do eye makeup later. Shouldn't do this Eye makeup should be done first. Because later it is easy to apply lipstick and make-up on the whole face.

Lip makeup

Lipstick should be used after the eye makeup is done. Lipstick should always be applied on the lips before using foundation primer etc. After this, you should use the moisturizer mentioned above on your face.

Many people have pimples and pits on their face So for this, fill it with concealer, after that apply a pancake or foundation on the entire face with a spoon.

After 2 minutes, compact powder has to be applied. After that, use the eyebrow with the help of an eyebrow pencil.

Eye shadow should be chosen according to the color of your clothes. Then apply eyeliner and mascara, and apply blusher of the same color on your cheeks.

If you are dark or a little dark, then choose a light-colored lipstick. If you are fair, then dark lipstick shade should be applied only.

Hair- You have to make your hair according to your favorite hairstyle which makes you look great. Choose that hairstyle, it will make you look beautiful. 

After the make-up is complete, the face should not be touched with your hands. This can ruin your makeup.

Sometimes, it is seen that its color is dark. Those people use more foundation, to get a fair complexion.

At the time of using the foundation, a little should also be applied on the neck. So that the color of your face and neck looks the same. Never do such a thing that the color of the face and the color of the neck appear different.

Light and simple makeup looks fine. Therefore heavy makeup should not be done. Yes, if you have to go to a wedding or a function, then you can do heavy makeup, and light and simple makeup will be better in ordinary places.

You can understand that you are going to meet someone, or are going to work in the office, and how it will feel if you go to the bride's makeup. That's why you should do makeup keeping in mind the place or function you attend 


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