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The basic principle of homeopathy is individualized medicine or customized medicine. When your immune system is in reactive form, recovery takes place fast with homeopathic medicine. Let’s unleash some more hidden facts about homeopathy and its process with renowned Dr. Munjal Thakar.

SIMILIA-THE CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY CENTER was established in 2000 by Dr. Munjal Thakar. In his career spanning over 16 years he has made a constant endeavor to achieve this- healing people not only bodily but going deep into the being of his patients - scientifically comprehending their repetitive unhealthy patterns & correcting them with his profound insight into the subject of Homeopathy & Medicine.

Homeopathy principles

Dr. Munjal says, “The basic principle of homeopathy is based on individualized medicine or customized medicine. We prescribe medicine according to the patient's symptoms. Every individual is different and so is their body. Symptoms may overlap sometimes but the physiological characteristics of an individual remain distinct. Thus, we provide customized medicine to each individual.”

The body's immune system is very important in the treatment

Dr. Munjal expresses, “Homeopathic medicines act fast and effective if a patient's immune system is not suppressed. When your immune system is in reactive form, recovery is faster. Trying everything simultaneously for faster recovery destroys your total immune system. We need to trust in natural healing, give some time and try out things one by one.”

Homeopathy dilution

Dr. Munjal informs, "Homeopathy medicines are available in diluted form. It is safe for pregnant ladies, infants, and also in old age. There are no such adverse effects of the medicine. Don't take it from over the counter, do take it only under doctors or medical supervision."


Dr. Munjal elaborates, “Potentization is a process to bring out the healing potential of the substance. We can use substances from the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, minerals, synthetic substances, or even energy fuels like x-ray, and ionic radiation. Dilution is a process in which a substance is diluted with alcohol or distilled water and then vigorously shaken. Homeopathic medicine is made by successive diluting of the substance. Dilution is done to the extent that no single molecule of the original substance is there in the final product. Although the original active substances have been diluted several times, it does show its medicinal effect.”

Homeopathy doesn't contain steroids

Dr. Munjal explains, "Homeopathic medicines don't contain any steroids in them. A test called calorimetric is used to detect steroids and alcohol. But it is often a false positive test for detecting steroids. The absorption spectrum is the confirmatory test for the presence of steroids because no two substances can have the same absorption spectrum.”

Munjal concludes, "Do not panic about the steroid issue. Homeopaths don't use steroids. Don't make any false opinion, homeopathy provides cost-effective treatment with no side effects." 

(Edited by Renu Gupta)


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