Insights About Digital Health, AI health, and Telemedicine Innovation from Mahendra Singh, Expert Member For WHO Geneva

With his rich experience of 27 years in Digital Health, AI health, and Telemedicine Innovations, Mr.Mahendra Singh is one of the World’s Top 30 most impactful global business leaders.

Apart from efforts to develop vaccines for COVID19, 2020 has been a year of substantial advancements for artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that are applied in healthcare. While this transformative innovation is gaining popularity, successful healthcare entrepreneurs are making a valuable contribution to national economies and also to patient’s healthcare systems around the world. At Medicircle, we are presenting you the top CEOs of the healthcare series featuring healthcare CEOs who are influential role models to share their views about the future of the healthcare industry. 

Mr.Mahendra Singh is the founder and CEO of Global Digi AI Health (Global DigiAIHealth is the Global brand of Benovymed Healthcare). He is an Expert Member for Digital Health, AI health, and Telemedicine Innovation, WHO Geneva. He is working as Sr Advisor & Subject Matter Experts ( Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation) with WHO Member Partner Countries currently in 30 countries including India in Digital Health, AI health, and Telemedicine Innovations. He is a visionary revolutionary serial digital health-tech entrepreneur with strong 27 years of experience as a most impactful global business leader and space startup management guru. He is one of the world’s Top 30 most impactful Digital Health, AI health, and Telemedicine Innovation Global business leaders. He is well connected with more than 2,50,000 Doctors, 20,000 Hospitals, 3000 Diagnostic centers, 200 Corporates Companies, 70 Strategic Business Partners globally, 50 countries  Ministry of Health Governments, and all other stakeholders in India and globally with more than  50 Countries.

The biggest challenge for the healthcare sector 

Mahendra Singh informs, “It is important to solve the problem from the core. Good intent and will are important to fix the problem. Quality health care is one of the biggest challenges faced by the healthcare sector. Quality healthcare should be taken as the center stage of the healthcare sector. Fixing the on-ground healthcare problem existing in the healthcare ecosystem is very important. Without fixing the problem, AI health and telemedicine are meaningless. It is very important to come out with a good solution and intention. The treatment outcomes & efficacy, patient safety, patient privacy, the patient-first/patient-centric approach with unbiased subject matter experts regulatory system which have the will to fix the problem is very important for the healthcare sector. All stakeholders must work together to bring change into the healthcare ecosystem to fix these challenges. They should participate in it. The Advent of Science, Digital Technology & Innovation in the Healthcare system should be driven and led by only subject matter experts who have on ground real domain areas Knowledge and experience in Medical, Digital Health, AI Health & Healthcare Business Leaders & should never & not by incapable and unexperienced professionals to bring change & Fix the challenges in Healthcare Ecosystem & make the Healthier world for all.”

The good ecosystem for digital healthcare startup 

Mahendra informs about the ecosystem of digital health start-up and says, “For example, Israel is a start-up nation-building a fastest growing Trillion Dollar economy on the basis of supporting the startup by providing the best startup Ecosystem with Multi-Billion Dollars funds & resources for HealthTech startup & other startups. The reason for this is because they have done a lot of exercises related to risk, challenges, threats, opportunities with having the right set of people in the leadership role. Israel has built start-ups over the last 20 years. The support system is good. To have an ecosystem start-up, we need funding agencies, good investors. There is a lack of investors in digital healthcare in India. People’s health needs to be taken care of to improve the ecosystem.” 

He further explains, “Currently, in India, all major Investment is going into E-commerce only in all sectors which are solving few problems by ignoring some of the most pressing and burning problems in the healthcare ecosystem. In India, there is no Investment coming from Investors in the real pressing point of Healthcare which can fix 100% of problems in healthcare through science & technology such as in DeepTech digital health, AI health through Innovation. In my opinion, DeepTech digital health, AI health & telemedicine through innovation can be the backbone of “Make in India” and “success to achieve Trillion Dollar Economy” Growth for India. It is high time that every stakeholder should wake up now to support with required funds & resources to health startups to grow India for a healthier future especially to common and poor.”

Expertise in healthcare is the need of the hour for good startup India 

Mahendra states, “There are 100s start-ups in healthcare in India but with less experience. To build a good start-up in India, you need to support experienced founders from healthcare in building startups in India. 

Mahendra Singh has built 16 start-ups in healthcare over 27 years of experience and informs, “Startup India needs to build as per the local challenges and local problems. One should take examples from countries like Korea, Singapore, Israel to know how startups are built.” DeepTech Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine through Innovation” 

Healthcare Journey 

Mahendra informs,” When I started the journey in healthcare in 1993, the innovation, technology, and digital health was not digested by any person. No one had a clue about digital health technologies. For fixing the problem in healthcare, there were mainly two sectors hospitals and pharma companies. Nobody had an idea about how technology can fix the complex problems of health systems. I started learning the pain points of hospitals, patients, and doctors. After the deep medical research work in AI, digital, and research in business risk management, we have learned about different aspects of healthcare.” 

Future Of Healthcare in India 

Mahendra says,” There is a lot of hope, potential, business opportunities in healthcare using these technologies. We can fix many problems in healthcare with AI and digital technology. We need domain experts who can fix the problem to deliver meaningful products and solutions. This is going to empower the doctors, patients, government & all stakeholders. Just increasing the budget is not enough instead fixing the problems in the healthcare system is very important. We must stop giving False Hope to Patients in the name of Healthcare. Our Healthcare Ecosystem requires a complete restructuring for delivering accessible, affordable, available & quality health to patients with top and utmost priority of patient-centric/ patient-first approach.”

(Edited by Dr. Rati Parwani)


Contributed By: Mahendra Singh, Expert Member For WHO Geneva
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