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Dr. Sandeep Mishra talks about homeopathy and its benefits with exclusive insights on it. He explains that homeopathy is a choice of wellness for health among many people. He further talks about the medical sources and cures of homeopathy.

In Kolkata, Dr. Sandeep Mishra came in contact with many legends of Homeopaths. At present, he is a homeopathic consultant at a world-famous technical institute, the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He is also managing two of his clinics, in a very posh area of Kanpur City. These clinics have been named The homeopathy and are situated at Swaroop Nagar and the other one is in a densely populated Gumti No. 5 in Kanpur. He has gone beyond the boundaries of the country and hence we can boast proudly that his patients are not only from a varied population of India but also from the USA, the United Kingdom, and other neighboring countries.

Time period and duration for Homeopathy treatment

Dr. Sandeep Mishra says,” When we get hurt in childhood or injury, there are different types of injury in the childhood. Every injury has a different impact. Every injury needs different therapy and treatment. The time duration depends on the depth and nature of the disease. It depends on the intensity of the disease acute or chronic. It depends on the chronicity of the problem and causative factors. It also depends on the recurrence of the disease. It depends on various factors.”

Homeopathic Medicines Sources 

Dr. Sandeep Mishra states,” Homeopathy medicine is natural science all derived from plant, animal, nosode, and sarcode. Homeopathy medicines can be made up of X-rays and radiation too. Medicines can also be made from moonlight. It is all-natural and affects the body. Medicines are also derived from DNA and RNA which is a genetic code. As diseases have become complex, homeopathy medicines have also become complex. The research is also increasing in homeopathy. Initially, we were dependent only on plants, minerals, and then metals. Now, homeopathy research is extensive.”

Diseases treated with homeopathy

Dr. Sandeep Mishra informs, “Homeopathy can treat every disease. Every science has its scope and limitations as well. 

Limitations of Homeopathy 

  • Emergency 
  • Road accident 
  • Poisoning 
  • Burns 
  • DM type 1 
  • High BP 

Scope of Homeopathy 

  • Skin disorders 
  • Joint disorders 
  • Neurological problems 
  • Allergic problems 
  • Gastric complaints 

Many people are getting benefited from homeopathy and that is why it is popular science.”

Homeopathy for adults and children

Dr. Sandeep Mishra informs, “Homeopathy is popular because the young generation is accepting it.  People have faith in homeopathy. Many people have seen results and it is complete pathy for all age groups and genders. Many people in the Job sector are inclined to homeopathy. During covid, people were looking out for natural treatment for homeopathy. There was a myth that homeopathy works slowly. With time, confidence, and experience, people started believing in homeopathy. This created a broad image that homeopathy works well at the correct time and right place. Homeopathy is accepted all over the world.”

Edited By: Dr.Rati Parwani 

Contributed By: Dr. Sandeep Mishra, Homeopathy Consultant, The Homeopathy

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