Inspirational story of success behind Existence of NEMA Healthcare

NEMA Healthcare is focusing on Elderly care for dementia patients. With its inception and live operations, Sanjeev Jain has truly made a big move in healthcare with his startup focusing on elderly care. NEMA Healthcare is future care for elderly people in India and looking forward to spreading its wing worldwide.

In recent years healthcare has become an integral part of the business ecosystem in India. To stand apart in the race, startups today need a more customized approach and targeted promotion to have an impact on their audience. While healthcare itself is a noble profession and majorly contributes to humanity, successful healthcare Startups are making a valuable contribution to the national economies around the world, their stories as influential role models on a groundbreaking journey are inspiring many young aspirants.

Leadership in the health care sector is spread across management and clinical workforces, creating peculiar challenges. Therefore Strong and competent management and leadership workforces are thus required to navigate the sector.

An Architect by profession, Sanjeev Jain is an entrepreneur in the field of Eldercare, Healthcare & Design-Build construction. In 2016 he launched a social venture named NEMA Eldercare in Gurgaon. NEMA Eldercare aims to improve the elderlies’ mental health and quality of life.

Inspiration for Eldercare in the health sector 

Sanjeev Jain informs, “I started as the HOD for Punjab division for one of the developers and construction. I was involved in product development and branding along with costing and pricing. We have a huge land in Mohali. So,I came up with healthcare products for elder and senior citizens. I developed this idea of elderly healthcare and this came into existence. I bought a small plot and researched about eldercare products. It took me 4 years to launch it. In 2016, I launched the company and In 2019, I brought it to the operational level. Since 2010, I have been putting efforts gradually and it took me 9 years to become operational.”

Problems and solutions for NEMA healthcare 

Sanjeev Jain states, “Mental health is a big challenge that is not being addressed. The majority of the elders are going to face dementia and parkinsonism. There are many issues with regard to elder care. It is important for the family members to address these issues. There is a lack of awareness among the educated groups as well on how to deal with elderly care. Generally, the quality of life gets affected for such patients. People treat this problem as an old age issue and ignore it. So, we are trying to address these issues with NEMA Healthcare.”

USP of NEMA Healthcare

Sanjeev Jain says, “Other institutions are big players like AMOHA which are more inclined towards Homecare. Other institutions like ASHIANA have their grounds in real estate and elderly care is just as an add-on. We are focusing on dementia care and providing non-selling home care services. We are focused on mental health and training caregivers on dementia. We also have a home care division that serves people and caregivers. We train staff at the centers and send them for special services. Service of dementia people needs special training to deal with daily activities. Our focus is mental health.”

Total number of health professionals onboarded by NEMA healthcare

Sanjeev Jain says, “We have more than 25+ doctors on our panel and all are specialists. Our care home has many patients with different health issues. Many elders cannot connect with these specialist doctors. We have a team of health care professionals who link doctors with these patients. We are in touch with the specialist and they will provide professional healthcare. “

NEMA Healthcare’s impact on elderly patients

Sanjeev Jain states, “We currently are 45 + elderly at daycare homes and all are suffering from mental health issues.”

Future plan of NEMA Healthcare

Sanjeev Jain states, “We are taking twist action in this direction. We are the 1st elderly service launched in this model of healthcare. We hope to launch soon and we have tied with JLL to enter a senior care operator. So these are the two areas of expertise. We are launching a startup for ambulance care. We are aggregating ambulances in India and soon have a platform for this just like OLA.”

Funding of NEMA Healthcare 

Sanjeev Jain emphasizes, “We are now moving towards funding and appointed consultants for the same. We have not yet approached any investor and just began with it.”

Present and future revenues  for NEMA Healthcare 

Sanjeev Jain states, “I hope to reach 2 cr for care homes in the elderly sector. In 2019, we were at a range of 1.25 cr and we have been kicked hard by covid as well during these 2 years and still maintained to do it well.”

Covid impact for NEMA Healthcare

Sanjeev Jain states, “There was always a need for elderly healthcare but affordability has always been an issue. Many children and adults were abroad and were blocked there due to the cancellation of flights and the elderly had to face this issue. This has impacted us in COVID. We were committed to our clients and we were charging at the same rate.”

Future goals for NEMA Healthcare for 2022 

Sanjeev Jain states, “We want to become the biggest assisted living care provider in India. I can challenge any caregiver institution whether big or small, that there will be no best caregiver in dementia care in the world. We look and focus on care activities and want to spread our wings in India with 3 and 4-star models. We are upper-middle class. 

I want NEMA to work as an operator in senior care. Once we have achieved this, other sectors are a cakewalk. We have signed for Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, and Hyderabad. We have value for money services.” 

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)

Contributed by Sanjeev Jain, NEMA Eldercare

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