International Women’s Day IWD 2022- Break The Bias- Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

From business leaders to entrepreneurs, women are setting motivational examples for all of us. On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2022, Medicircle took the liberty of talking with those women who have broken the bias and risen atop the so-called norm.
TODAY women have taken over in terms of professionalism and setting up standards for their expertise in various sectors. And, when it comes to healthcare, women entrepreneurs have come a long way and developed a niche for themselves. This has definitely created a great impact not only in the healthcare domain but also on other walks of life. 

Medicircle conducted an exclusive webinar on the occasion of International Women’s Day with Women Entrepreneurs who are leading Healthcare startups. 

International Women’s Day 2022, UN Women has announced the theme for International Women’s Day 2022, as, “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” The theme celebrates the right for every woman around the world in shaping a more equal future for our human race.

The current scenario witnesses the change in the arena of entrepreneurship when it comes to women arising as successful business leaders. It is a great chance for women not only in corporate and business sectors but also on non -the corporate front. 

We continue to live in a world with a bias of being a girl child. People often have a belief that a girl is a liability and a boy is an asset. Why such bias? Let’s BREAK THIS BAIS and so-called NORM. 

Here, the question arises - 

Are we equal in all walks of life? 

Are we future ready to face all the challenges?

Well, our women business leaders have come a long way, from managing homes to running multinationals, also making the correct business decisions at the right time, and emerging as successful business leaders. 

We applause such women as the pride of India Today

Deepa Shah, Co-founder & Director, Novulsus Technologies

 Message for International Women Entrepreneurs Day

Deepa Shah says, “Entrepreneurship is a continuous journey that we go through. Novulsus Technologies is a product-based IT healthcare company based in Pune. We are working in this domain for the last  8 years. We have Pan India presence with many patients and doctors. We are a one-stop solution for healthcare enablers and providers to enhance healthcare service with a telemedicine platform. 

Today on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the power and potential of every woman. It is important to encourage women to participate in this journey to understand the power within themselves. Every woman must understand the power within herself. But, I also believe in one thing, “Dar ke age jeet hai” So, go and achieve your dreams and you are the winner. There is no alternative to success and we have to keep on experimenting until the magic happens.”

Novosalus Technologies

Pune-based Novosalus Technologies is a healthcare IT company that aims to humanize healthcare technology. The venture was formed by physicians and technocrats with decades of experience in the healthcare industry.

Duvvuru Varshitha Reddy, Founder, VivaLyf Innovations Pvt. Ltd

Inspiration for your successful journey 

Duvvuru Varshitha Reddy from VivaLyf Innovations Pvt. Ltd says,” When you think solving, you dig deep into it. It’s not just about solving problems. I have been suffering from diabetes and it is not just my health problem but many women out there who are suffering from it. What can be more inspirational in feeling that you are going to solve this problem? This is what inspires me daily to be frank. I hold the responsibility and I want to do something big and this is what inspires me.”


Hyderabad-based VivaLyf Innovations merges innovative science and technology to solve one of the most pressing healthcare issues - diabetes. Their product EZLYF provides instant glucose levels while being painless and risk-free.

Dr. Crystal Variava, Founder, True and Trusted LeaderShip in Healthcare

Overcoming inequality in the journey of a startup 

Dr. Crystal Variava from True and Trusted LeaderShip in Healthcare says, “I didn’t face much inequality because I had a lot of support around me. Juggling between a mom and an entrepreneur was very hard to balance out. I have to set my boundaries in business when it comes to my family. So, I think as a start-up initially, I had a lot of support from my family. This was the greatest struggle and I had to use my voice as a woman. I had to use my voice more constructively and be deliberate and intentional. It was truly just about setting boundaries and using my voice effectively."

True & Trusted: Leadership In Healthcare

True & Trusted strives to provide a healthcare environment where the Patient-Provider Relationship is made better which leads to - Improved Client Relationships, Treatment Conversion Rates, Maximize Team Performance, and Build Healthcare Leaders.

Dr. Aparna Das, Founder, Jatayu Healthcare Technologies

Inspiration behind the journey 

Dr. Aparna Das from Jatayu Healthcare Technologies says,” Jatayu Healthcare Technologies is building AI healthcare solutions for the entire healthcare industry for all the stakeholders. With this background of a stable job with a very good pharma company Glenmark. With the pandemic hit, there were many problems that made me helpless. I decided to do something about it. So, the pandemic inspired me to start solving healthcare problems. That is where the entire journey started where I wanted to make a difference. We just have to believe in ourselves and the universe conspires to get things done for us. We should get rid of bias within our mind and the world is your oyster.”

Jatayu Healthcare Technologies

Jatayu Healthcare Technologies is a venture that designs and develops AI and ML-based products to help healthcare providers streamline their processes. They create low–cost highly-efficient smart systems.

Astha Dusad, Founder, MEDelivery

Women Entrepreneur you have looked up to

Astha Dusad from MEDelivery says, “My source of inspiration is Falguni Nair and she is an amazing entrepreneur. She has been the source of my energy. She was trying to do something cosmetic and she did it quite well and that was a very impressive journey. I am trying to do similar things in pharmacy and industry to empower them.”


Jaipur-based MEDdelivery is a B2B pharma-tech startup that facilitates buying and selling between pharmacy retailers and stockers. They host a catalog with over 1 million SKUs coming from 10,000+ brands. 

Laxmi Sardeshpande, Director & CEO, Nicanor Healthcare

Advancements on Gender Equality 

Laxmi Sardeshpande, Director & CEO Nicanor Healthcare says, “Nicanor Healthcare is into promotions, branding of healthcare, skincare, advertising. We cover each and every need of the brand. We design and make strategies. I am a doctor and worked as a physiotherapist. I have a craving for creativity and that's why I emerged with Nicanor Healthcare. I wanted to explore more and limitlessly be creative and that's what inspired me in Nicanor Healthcare.”

We have seen women are more productive and good at multitasking and putting their heart and soul. The management starts at the household and even we are progressing and advancing with no gaps.”

Nicanor Healthcare

NICANOR is a medical healthcare advertising company. They come up with innovative concepts and creations that are manufactured and developed into ideas that will give integrity to your Healthcare brand.

Shweta Gandhi, Co-founder, NirogGyan

Inspirational lessons learned from journey and struggle 

Shweta Gandhi, Co-founder of NirogGyan says,”NirogGyan is simplifying lab test reports to make it more comprehensive to the layman without a medical degree. Most of the people were helpless during covid times and  we wanted to make a difference while navigating healthcare machinery.”

It's a long journey and you learn every day. One key attribute that we learned is patience. This is what holds you and keeps you grounded. It's an ongoing journey. It happens when you detach yourself. Do not get impatient and have the strength to carry on. It's always a sum of parts. Many people and contributions of each and every person help you build the company day by day.”


Gurgaon-based NirogGyann is a SaaS startup healthcare that offers easy-to-understand medical reports termed as 'SmartReports.' such SmartReports come with simple explanations, graphs & tips to help patients understand their health condition.

Facts on Women Entrepreneurship 

There are only 7 women entrepreneurs for every 100 Indian entrepreneurs. #Women-entrepreneurship in India is worse than in countries like Botswana, Nigeria, and Ghana according to the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs. 

A mere 7% of women in India are in an earning position. This section of the population contributes 17% to India’s GDP. 

A report on #entrepreneurship claims that women-run businesses can create #employment for 150 to 170 million Indians

There are 6,878 HealthTech startups in India. 

- Only 2% of funding goes to women-led startups. 

- The RBI survey found that women had raised about 42.9% of their funds from friends and family, rather than angel investors, incubators, or venture capital firms.

Neha Sinha, Co-Founder, CEO of Epoch Elder Care

Good Chances on funding & Advancements on Gender Equality 

Neha Sinha Co-Founder and CEO of Epoch Elder Care says,” It is important to highlight and be out there and support other fellow entrepreneurs to help reach the same heights. I have decades of experience with Epoch Elder Care. It is important to know women’s rights and needs to start at home. It is important to be perceived as equal and treated well. There are debates about opportunities. We should provide equal and favorable opportunities for more women. Just like having flexible working hours should be for everyone. We must stand up for choices for kids and family and this is true equality.”

Epoch Elder Care

Epoch is India’s expert in Assisted Living and Dementia Care. It was founded in 2012, to provide holistic and Patient-Centered Care that enables elders to have the highest quality of life.

Beau Wangtrakuldee, Founder, AmorSui

Inspiration lessons learned from the journey 

Beau Wangtrakuldee from AmorSui says, “AmorSui is bringing protective care brands for healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals should be protected. We are sustainable products. I have worked in labs for many years and I have been hurt in a chemical spill accident as my own PPE kit was not protective. I have a hard time buying high-quality protective equipment. We should inspire entrepreneurship and eliminate gender inequality. The more women take chances for themselves to build great businesses, the more is gender equality.”


AmorSui empowers PPE wearers to perform their best at work while staying safe and without compromising the health of the environment. It is an inclusive and sustainable alternative to the otherwise used plastic PPEs.

Juhi Upadhyay, Founder, Saakhi Healthcare

Gender Equality 

Juhi Upadhyay From Saakhi Healthcare, “ Women don't need a particular day to celebrate, they should celebrate every day successfully. I have come from a background where I have never seen my family differentiating between boys and girls. All have the same upbringing and the rules were the same for boys and girls. Women themselves have taken a back seat in life. They have started preparing their mindsets like that and they have given authority above them. We need to break the bias and perceptions for us. We need to challenge our own potentials.”

Saakhi Healthcare

Saakhi Healthcare works with the motto of providing the best health services at the best affordable rates to every individual at every corner of the country. They are engaged in rural health development, women and child health, and more.

Aarti Kapila, Co-Founder, Osteoskill India Pvt Ltd, SSCULPTT Partners Inc.

Your daily dose of motivation 

Aarti Kapila, Co-Founder, Osteoskill India Pvt Ltd, and SSCULPTT Partners Inc. say, “I have unconditional support from the family. Women are more powerful than men are. I have been supported unconditionally by my family. It's my inlaws who have inspired me to study more. Being a founding member of CLOVE DENTAL, it was their support to set up an amazing chain of dental clinics. It is my business partners that motivate me to keep going every day. I have not faced biased and this is what motivates me every day. There is no harm in asking for help and this is how you grow. It's the synergy that helps us to grow.”

Osteoskill India

Osteoskill India produces practice models, surgical guides, and Patient-Specific Implants (PSI) by leveraging the technology of 3D printing. This enables the surgeon to deliver effective and aesthetic surgical outcomes.

Garima Juneja, Founder & Psychologist, Lightroom Therapy and Counselling

Motivational Message on International Women’s Day 

Garima Juneja, Founder & Psychologist of Lightroom Therapy and Counselling says, “As a psychologist, I think most of the thinking today is ingrained with us while bringing up. In a way, breaking the bias showed start all levels. It should be part of life. While the mother is bringing up the child, we should not include any bias. We should deal with it proactively and not with the crisis. Coming to entrepreneurship, women have many qualities and have many guilt all the time. Most of the women suffer from “Super Women Syndrome” where they want to perform in every area. They want to be perfectionists and want to prove it to the world to be perfect. Let's be more of ourselves. Let's be much more than that. We should embrace the struggle and I take one step at a time.”

Lightroom Therapy & counseling   

Lightroom Therapy provides various therapies to suit the requirements of different personality types. They enable the patient with functional thinking patterns, a positive outlook, and constructive behavior.

On behalf of Medicircle, We thank all the panelists joining us on International Women’s Day for spreading awareness on gender equality. We wish great success to every panelist who joined here, and also to all those women around the world to reach great heights.

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani) 

(Contributed by: Smita Kumar- Co-Founder, Medicircle, Deepa Shah-Co-founder & Director, Novulsus Technologies, Duvvurru Varshitha Reddy- Founder, VivaLyf Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Dr. Crystal Variava-Founder, True and Trusted LeaderShip in Healthcare, Dr. Aparna Das-Founder, Jatayu Healthcare Technologies, Astha Dusad-Founder, MEDelivery, Laxmi Sardeshpande,Director & CEO, Nicanor Healthcare, Shweta Gandhi-Co-founder, NirogGyan, Neha Sinha-Co-Founder,CEO of Epoch Elder Care, Beau Wangtrakuldee- Founder, AmorSui , Juhi Upadhayay-Founder, Saakhi Healthcare, Aarti Kapila- Co-Founder, and Osteoskill India Pvt Ltd and SSCULPTT Partners Inc., Garima Juneja-Founder & Psychologist, Lightroom Therapy and Counselling)
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