July Supermoon 2023: See how does it affect our health and well being

The effects of the full moon on health are a matter of personal belief and anecdotal evidence, as scientific studies have shown mixed results. Some people believe that the full moon can have various effects on health, while others do not notice any significant changes. Here are a few beliefs and claims regarding the health effects of the full moon.

The July full moon in 2023, also known as the "Buck Moon," is set to occur on July 3rd. It will be a supermoon, bringing power, purpose, and struggle to individuals across all zodiac signs. This year, the full moon in July is expected to be the largest. In India, the full moon will appear around 5:08 pm on July 3rd. astrologically, the full moon in Capricorn signifies a time for individuals to reflect on their life direction while enjoying themselves.

1.  Sleep disturbances: Some people claim to experience difficulty sleeping or have more vivid dreams during the full moon. However, scientific studies have not consistently supported this belief.
2.  Emotional and mental well-being: The full moon is commonly associated with an increase in emotional intensity and energy. Some people believe they may feel more restless, irritable, or experience mood swings during this time.
3.  Energy levels and physical activity: It is believed that the full moon can affect energy levels and physical activity. Some individuals claim to feel more energetic and have increased physical strength during this time, while others may feel more fatigued.
4.  Menstrual cycles: Some women report experiencing changes in their menstrual cycles during the full moon, such as heavier flow or increased menstrual pain. However, scientific evidence for this is limited and inconclusive.

As per the reports, The first of four Supermoons will rise in 2023, July's lunar display will appear to be more luminous in the night sky than another full moon event that will occur in 2023. According to the website Time and Date, the full moon will be at its peak at 5:08 pm in Delhi, India.

It's important to note that individual experiences may vary, and any perceived effects on health during the full moon are highly subjective. Always consult with a healthcare professional for any specific health concerns or questions you may have.

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