Know the difference between heart attack and panic attacks

Know the difference between the two important attacks that can be misdiagnosed at times. Panic attacks mimic heart attacks and must be differentiated correctly based on the signs and symptoms

You must have heard about 'Heart Attack' but few people know about 'Panic Attack'. These days, it is seen a lot among youth and women. Let us tell you what panic attacks are and their signs. If such symptoms are seen in a person, then you should immediately understand that it may be a panic attack.

There is no specific reason for a panic attack, but it can be related to anxiety. This type of attack can be a 'warning signal' for diabetes, blood pressure, heart patients, and asthma patients.

Panic attack symptoms

Sudden shivering in the whole body, breathlessness to the extent of suffocation, an unknown fear, restlessness, rapid and short breath, feeling almost like a heart attack, then it is a panic attack.

Signs before a panic attack

-Suddenly being afraid of something

- Abnormal rapid heartbeat with stress

- trembling of feet

- Chest pain and discomfort

- Vomiting and upset stomach

- rapid heartbeat and rapid heartbeat

- Getting stressed over small things

- Feeling hot even in cold weather

- Sudden tingling in the whole body

- loss of balance or fainting

If the body starts showing unusual symptoms in this way, then such a condition is called a panic attack. You should never ignore these symptoms. Contact your doctor immediately if you see such signs.

Know The reality of panic attacks 

Think about the last time you felt you were in physical danger. Chances are you're feeling shaky, short of breath, or disgusted at the time. A panic attack can feel like this. But it can come without any known reason.

Panic attacks come on suddenly. An intense feeling of fear can come without warning. And the physical symptoms can be very scary. Some people who experience panic attacks think they have had a heart attack.

Panic attacks can be distressing, but recognizing them and understanding how they work can help you cope.

Can you die from a panic attack?

You may think that you can die during a panic attack but this is not the case. A panic attack is not life-threatening or harmful to your physical health.

But if you are having frequent panic attacks, then see a doctor for advice. It can be a symptom of panic disorder, the condition is very common and affects 1 in 50 people.

Can anxiety be mistaken for a heart attack?

People who occasionally have panic attacks report that their severe anxiety feels like a heart attack. And the symptoms may be similar. In case of a heart attack, you may experience the following:

Dizziness Vomiting or feeling sick sweating Feeling of anxiety pain in your chest or other parts of your body

During a heart attack, your chest pain may be intense or mild – or there may be no pain at all. You should always call an ambulance if you think you have had a heart attack.

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