Oil Massage – Get Better Mind, Better Body in Just a Few Minutes

▴ Massage – Get Better Mind, Better Body in Just a Few Minutes
Massage is an ancient practice. Studies in alternative and complementary medicine have brought forward the immunity-boosting capacity of massage. This practice needs to be resurrected in households.

Earlier massage was an integral part of life. It was a common sight to see people having a quick oil massage before taking bath each day. Gradually this everyday ritual somehow took a backseat. Apart from quick self-massage, there were options of masseurs for both males and females who moved from one household to another, providing leisurely massages. The female masseurs generally moved around in the afternoons when females were free. While the males were a common sight during mornings, evenings, and weekends. As far as the children were concerned the elders religiously massaged them every day. With lesser time in hands of people, this practice vanished. Now only the infants are massaged and the duration of it continues just for few months before mothers get tired or lose patience to continue with this practice any longer. Massages are not just good for children but adults too.


Mind and body get relaxed - The blood circulation increases with massage uplifting the mood and soothing the body. If you have body aches, there is nothing more soothing than an oil massage. Overstrained minds find respite from massage.

Flexibility increases – Massage loosens the muscles and nerves, adding flexibility to the body.

Digestion is good – It is believed that if we massage the navel area with oil there is a secretion of gastric juices, control of acidity, and improvement in digestive functions.

Skin pores get opened and dead skin gets removed – Harmful toxins from the body starts getting eliminated through massage as skin pores open and dead skin gets removed.

Relief during cough and cold – A warm oil massage, particularly in the chest area, removes chest congestion and provides relief from cough and cold.

Relief from headaches – Whenever you are experiencing a headache, a massage in the head and forehead area helps release the pain.

Sleep quality is better – If you are suffering from poor quality of sleep, then oil massage before bedtime would do wonders to your body and you would sleep peacefully.

Skin’s glow increases – Oil massage is a therapy that relaxes us from inside and the radiance starts getting evident from outside.

Hair quality improves – We hardly find well-oiled hair these days. Regular oil massages condition the scalp and enhances blood circulation in the scalp area thereby maintaining good hair quality.


You can use any oil that suits you for your massage. Use a good 15-20 minutes on massage as frequently as you can to get health benefits in the long term. There are professional massage services available for chronic diseases. You can visit experts in such cases.

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