Fighting migraine is no more a headache

▴ Fighting migraine
A few simple preventive or remedial measures can help you fight the brain disorder with ease.

One of the most common neurological disorders amongst men and women, Migraine can leave you shattered and depressed if not controlled and cured. It is seen more commonly in women, especially during the reproductive age.

Below are a few preventive and remedial solutions one may take when faced with Migraine attack.

Sit in a dark, secluded corner : Darkness and solitude helps gain control over Migraine. When hit by an attack, switch off the lights or close doors and windows, sit or lie down in a dark, quiet room. Bright light and loud noise worsen the symptoms. Try to go to sleep if possible.

Do yoga : Do deep breathing and meditation. Doing Yoga on a regular basis reduces the number of Migraine attacks, make them less intense and of shorter duration. It releases tension in Migraine affected areas making you feel relaxed.

Drink ginger tea : Ginger is very effective on Migraine, say researchers. Drink tea mixed with ginger when you feel like nausea, a symptom associated with Migraine. Ginger root blocks prostaglandin, the compounds that stimulate muscle contraction and cause headache. It also brings don the severity of the attack.

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