Medikabazaar extends support to employees at the receiving end of Zomato’s recent downsizing

India’s largest online B2B platform for medical supplies 'Medikabazaar' plans to hire employees with telecalling and telesales experience, for its inside sales and customer care functions.

While the Indian business landscape grapples with the uncertainties brought
about by new and emerging technologies, Medikabazaar announced its plans to open its doors to
recently laid off Zomato customer support employees. India’s largest online B2B platform for
medical supplies plans to hire employees with telecalling and telesales experience, for its inside sales
and customer care functions.
For the hiring process, the company will carry out psychometric tests for each candidate along with
role-specific interviews. Those selected will go through a formal training and induction session
before they join.
Elaborating on the gesture, Akash Rajpal, EVP, Medikabazaar said, “While what has happened is
unfortunate, it re-emphasises the need for enterprises to re-think their recruitment and work
allocation strategies. Such steps are needed to ensure that technological advancements do not
completely replace the human workforce. Instead, these strategies must be charted out in way that
human teams and automated tools can work in tandem to produce optimal output on both fronts.”
Anil Mohanty Head of HR, Medikabazaar added, “Any giant leap towards progress will inevitably
lead some people to fall through the cracks. We at Medikabazaar want to ensure that these people
get back on their feet, and are happy to offer the open positions at our company to deserving
candidates. This is an exciting opportunity for driven individuals to be part of our journey towards
facilitating a democratised and cost-optimised standard of healthcare pan-India.”

About Medikabazaar:
Medikabazaar is India's pioneering and the largest online B2B platform for medical supplies. With a
digital catalog of more than 250,000 products, we enable hospitals and medical establishments to
search for their required supplies online, compare specifications and prices. With our efficient last-
mile delivery, we are reaching across to hospitals in tier 2, 3 cities, and remote locations, places
where the traditional supply chain has failed to reach. Our proprietary AI algorithm tool provides
medical establishments with precise stock projections which will help hospitals save approximately
30% in their OpEx and make healthcare more affordable and accessible. Recently, Medikabazaar also
launched its pharmaceutical category which aims to provide hospitals with their required medicinal
supplies. Presently we are catering to 29,000+ hospitals PAN India via our direct presence in 23 cities
with plans for further expansion. Apart from India, we also provide our services to the Middle East,
Bangladesh, Indonesia and Africa.

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